In this tutorial I used the  PTU graphic clipart of  İShelly Comiskey..I can't find any place that sells her work anymore..

If you already have it great... you could use any two images that matched... one standing one down on bottom lol


Include the winter scene in the round frame. Some falling penguins if you want to use that instead of the snowmen.

the animated snow and the falling Snowman ani

This tutorial was done in PSP X 6..along with Animation Shop 3.11

Jan 8, 2015

I had done this Tag years ago and someone wanted me to write a tut on it.. so I had to rethink it.. cause PSP X6 you can't export your work into

Animation shop... you have to copy merge and paste in AS. Things are done a lil bit differently.

#1.  Open the Frame circle-knit-stripe.png resize 80% (assuming you have the clipart set used in this tutorial)

#3. Shift + D to duplicate, close the original, the copy is now your working image.

#4. Image/Canvas Size 800 x 800 center justify

#5. Copy and paste the Christmas Scene to your working image...have it's layer below the frame layer.

#6 Use your deformation tool  (K on the keyboard)

and pull out the edges of the scene.. make SURE your deformation tool is set

on scale.. you don't want to malform it in anyway.



Apply your 3D drop shadow on the frame.. (don't forget your drop shadows on ALL of your elements...

You project is not finished looking or RIGHT if you forget them!!)

Use your eraser tool and erase the part of the bkg that goes past the edge of the frame...

# 8.  Add a new layer.. drag that layer to the bottom on the layer palette , fill with white

#9. Re-position the bkg and frame to more top right on your working image.

#10. Hide the frame layer.. right click on top of image and click copy merged

Open your Animation Shop, right click on it's desktop and paste as new animation.

#11.  In animation shop open the FallingSnowAni.psp image and TheFallingSnowman.psp that was in the supplies.

The animated snow is 10 frames... so is the fallingsnowman.psp 10 frames.

Your new animation.. should be the same amount of frames as the animated snow.

You need to click the duplicate frame button 4 times you should have 9 frames there.. click on F:9 then the duplicate button ONCE more

That should be 10 frames.... check to make sure.

#12. In PSP un hide the frame layer and hide the bkg and the white bottom layer.. right click

top Copy Merged  over to Animation paste as new animation. (note: if you want any other layers, like the oval sign on the

frame before you take it to animation shop is the time )

Ctrl + A will select all frames.. do this on all 4 of the animations... look below..

do the animation snow first.. so drag F:1 frame to F: 1 of the Snow bkg image. Don't let go of the mouse

button until you have it positioned just right on the winter scene.

Check the winter scene that's just had snow added to it.. by clicking the check animation button

See if it looks ok... and no hopping or missing snow scene.. if it does.. UNDO on both the scene window and the snow window.

#13.  Next click hold and drag the F:1 of the frame animation to F:1 of the snow scene window.

#14. I went ahead and did the falling snowman animation for you... Ctrl + A to select all frames...the

snowing image frame should all be selected too.  Click, hold and drag F:1 of the falling snowman over to

the working animation.  Make sure you don't put his hand off the edge of animation... don't let go of mouse

until you get it exactly where you want it.

#15.  I cropped my animation... had too much white around it.. click the crop button see below and pull

out the crop area.. then CROP button.. Always check your animation   to see if it all looks good..




TOODLES till next time!