This tutorial is my own creation Oct 27, 2014  Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Scrapkit used is Tiny Turtle Design's ' Autumn Moments'

Tube used is from ©VeryMany  License # VMT_Artsyatheart

I made the text in Photoshop and supply it in the

SUPPLIES zip along with the Mask. Save the Mask in your mask folder.

I used Paint Shop Pro X 6 for this tutorial.. other versions may be substituted.


#1.  Create a new image 900 x 900 pixels. I start big.. then resize down later if I want.

#2. Open paper Autumn Moments (19).jpg . Drag its layer over to your new working image.

#3. Go to Layers/Load-Save Mask/Load Mask from disk.

Find the gemsmasks-179.jpg on the drop down browse for the masks.

Use the settings below.


#4. After the mask is applied, on the layer palette you can merge/ merge group,

instead of the 3 mask layers there is just one.

#5. Now duplicate the mask layer and merge/down.. so that the two mask layers are one.

it was a lil too transparent for my taste.

#6. We are still not done with the mask layers BUT.. to see where they need to be positioned you need to

have the frame there. So open the element Autumn Moments (45).png

and either copy and paste it over to your working image or drag it's layer

over to the working image.

Move the mask layer  kind of to top left as seen below.



Now duplicate the mask layer again... and move it down and to the right as shown.

#7. Be sure you are on the frame layer now,

Using your magic wand tool set on 20 tolerance , feather 24. Click on the inside of the

frame, it should be selected now.. on the layer palette.. highlight the top Mask layer and Delete/ or Cut

Highlight the bottom Mask layer and Delete/ Cut.

It should look like below. Leave it Selected... and open paper (31).jpg

Copy and paste this paper's layer over to your working image.. making sure its on the bottom layer.


Inverse/ CUT

If you don't want the feathery look around the edges of the inside of frame, when you

select it back up at step 7.. have the feather set on 0.

Now is just getting what elements you want on your image.. I put

(70).png next, (90).png duplicated on each side. (50).png rose cluster next..

(84) .png is sparkles.. I used 4 layers of those.. resized them pretty small.

the bow (88).png is under the rose cluster.

I didn't put a 3D drop shadow on the bow.. cause it's kind of transparent.. but I did on

everything else.. well not the sparkles either.

You can arrange your elements the way it looks good to you...

 that's the great thing about doing graphics.. there is no set rules..

Do what you like that looks good