I used Crazy Carita's kit 'Fabulous Fall' for this tutorial

written Nov 12, 2015

Tube used is ©Arthur Crow's can be purchased at his www.arthurcrowsfactory.com 

Mask used is Dee's 159 InsatitiableDreams mask.

Animation and mask HERE


#1. Open el17.png   Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close original.  Image/ Canvas size  900 x 900 pixels center justify

#2. Flip, mirror and turn like it shows below

#3. Open pp1.jpg  Drag its layer over to your working image.

Use the settings above.... Merge group... then duplicate the mask layer... merge the two mask layers together..

#4. Use your magic wand tool and click on the inside of the chain frame...selections/ modify/ expand 5 pixels  Invert the selection.

#5. Drag pp10.jpg paper over to your working image below the chain frame layer... Then CUT  (be on the paper 10 layer)

#6. Go to Effects/ Texture effects/ weave... and use the settings below on the paper layer below the frame.


#7. Open the tube your going to use.. Drag its layer over to your working image.. have it's layer  below the chain frame layer.

#8.  Using your magic wand tool again... click on the inside of the frame.. selections/ modify/ expand 5 pixels again.

. Invert the selection

position the tube as you like.. click delete or cut



#9.  Your image should look like below.  Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame...

#10. Using the settings below for the 3D shadow.  Set the blend mode to the girls head to Hard light.. and opacity to 75%

#11. Drag your tube again over to your working image and resize it 73%.

Your image should look like below.

#12. Open el28.png drag its layer from layer palette over to your working image. Like below.

 Add a new layer to the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white. Also add a 3D drop shadow on the top girl tube.

#13. Open el29  resize 73%  drag its layer over to your working image...move it to the top layer on the layer palette.

#14. Open el20.png  resize 75% flip.. drag it's layer below the text art layer.

El 30... drag below the bow layer.

el15.png  duplicated mirrored

el1.png  resize 50% duplicated and mirrored

el4.png  resize 60%  duplicated and mirrored

el10.png  resize 60%

Don't forget your 3D drop shadows on all the elements.

Placement below.

#15.  Merge the mask, dot and white layer with each other.. Hide those merged bottom layers.. Then merge visible all the top layers together.

Un hide the bottom layers.. and hide the merged top layers.. right click on the top of your image and COPY MERGE..

#16. Open your animation shop and paste as a new animation.  Open the leaves animation that was in your supplies zip.

Notice it has 18 frames to it.. the bottom layers you just pasted as a new animation.. Duplicate its frame so that you have 18 frames to it..

  Ctrl + A to select all the frames on both animations. Click hold and Drag F: 1 of the leaves animation over to F: 1 of your working animation.

 (don't let go of your mouse while your moving it where you want, ONLY let go of mouse when you get it positioned where you want the animation to start.)

Back to PSP  hide the merged bottom layers.. and un hide the top merged layers.. (don't forget your copy right info)

Right click on the top of the image window and  COPY MERGED AGAIN..

Over to animation shop and right click on the desk top and paste as a new animation... duplicate it frame till you have 18 again... Ctrl + A to select all the frames..

Again Click hold and drag F: 1 over to your working animation's F: 1 don't let go till you have it positioned just right.. where you want it.

Check your animation now.. if you don't like where the leaf animation shows up just UNDO till you are at the starting over point and try again!!!

if it looks good Save as a GIF.. You're done!!