I thought this would be a cute tutorial to do..

It uses Eye Candy 4000 can get it HERE.

I zipped the tube I used for you too... HERE it is

Open the tube I supplied or one of your own. This next step depends  on where you

 want the drip to be. But for general principals we'll say your using this lil bunny I used.

Hold down your Shift + D and copy the window.. close the original tube. No chance of loosing it this way.

Click on your selection tool and pick the lasso on the drop down list

Have the tool set up like this

Carefully go around the area your wanting to drip. In this case its the Bunny's diaper. 

 If you were doing this to text you'd not have to do this step. 

Look on your layers palette and select/highlight the Baby Bunny layer and right click on it..

 go to DUPLICATE. do it 2 times. Where you have 3 of the bunny layers.

 Your layer palette should look like the one below.

Start with the top bunny layer and go to EFFECTS/ Plugins/ Eye Candy 4000/ Drip

Use these settings on the top bunny layer. You can play around with the settings if you'd like to see how the plugin works.

On the next bunny later when you open Eye Candy the only

thing you'll have to change is click the RANDOM SEED button.

On the last bunny layer you do the same.. click the random seed button.

 This changes the drips on each layer just a lil so that when its animated it looks like its really dripping.

Now on each of the bunny layers apply a drop shadow.. go to EFFECTS/3D effect/ drop shadow

Use the settings below

Next go to layers/add a raster layer OR click the add a layer button on the layer palette.

Drag this new layer down to the BOTTOM on the layer palette, like the below sample.

Right click on it and name it BKG.


Fill this layer with white or any color of your choosing.  If you choose you can apply

a brush on this background layer like I did.. so that the bunny has some kind of

decoration behind it. On the sample below I added another layer to do the brush

decorations but you don't have to you can put them right on the background layer...

 just remember they can not be moved around once they are there.. but you can

 ALWAYS UNDO....if you add the other layer you have to merge/merge down the

 brush layer and BKG layer so you will have one bkg layer and 3 bunny layers.

Duplicate your background layer 2 times.. ending up with 3 background layers and 3 bunny layers..

Like shown below

Drag a bunny layer down on top of a background layer and merge down on them...

 doing the same with the other layers..  you should have from top... bunny layer, bkg layer,

bunny layer, bkg layer, bunny layer , bkg layer.. merge each of the two... so you will end up

 with 3 merged layers.. check them and see if you see the bunny on EACH of the white bkgs. if not UNDO!!!.

When you've finished this.. SAVE AS Animation psp format NOT,  pspimage format.

Close it.. and Open your Animation shop and open the newly saved file you saved in PSP

... EDIT select ALL.. and right click on one of the frames and go to animation properties

 and make the speed 25 or so... you can click the animation preview button up

 at top right.. then SAVE AS a new .gif and your done..

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial..

Toodles till next one..

Here is the finished tag below.. :)

OHHH one more lil note... you noticed on this finished bunny .. on one of the frames

 *Layers* while I was still over in PSP I used the clone brush tool and right clicked on the

forehead of the bunny then left clicked right over the top part of the eye... erasing part

of the black of the eye. did it to both eyes... just did this on ONE layer.. when saved and

opened in animation shop.. when you look at the preview... it looks like the bunny is blinking..  cute added effect..


Toodles till next time :)