The kit I used for this tutorial is a FTU kit from a Blog Train. 'Cervical Cancer awareness'

Note Disclamier: I'm not sure where I saw this message about NOT sharing items from a blog train.. THAT is the most ridiculous thing I've

ever heard of.. it's getting pretty bad when we get in trouble for sharing something that was FREE to start with !!!!

Take that to a judge and see what he does LOL  After a few years most of the downloads to the mini kits that people make for that

particular blog train are NOT available anymore.. so say If I get all the downloads for the blog train and want to SHARE

the items or make a tutorial using them and have the kit for download.. then TUFF Bananas!!! I say.. :)

I used PSP X 6 in writing this tutorial.. any version will work.


Direct download for the kit HERE

I also used the art work of ŠAlex Prihodko sold HERE.. you must have license to use

My license # PFD_Swt59

Supplies (word art, a Simone animation and WSL_mask364)



#1. Create a new image  900 x 750   Open ash_dbtl_ca_pp5.jpg (paper)  Resize 70%

Copy and paste it over to your new blank image.

#2. Go to layers/ load/save mask/ load from disk.  Find the mask that was in the supplies zip on the

drop down preview mask window.. use the settings below.

Merge/ Merge group.

#3. Open frame 2.png resize 85% Copy and paste it over to your working image.

Open paper papelcraft4.jpg  resize 60%  Copy and paste it over to your working image.. below the frame layer

Using your magic wand and click on the center of the frame.. go to selections/ modify/ expand/ 10 pixels

INVERT the selection... highlight the blue striped paper's layer on the palette and CUT/or Delete.

#4.  Open element bow2.png resize 60%

Copy and paste over to your working image... Apply your 3D drop shadow on all your elements.

#5. Open the element butterfly.png  resize 40% Use deformation tool to turn the butterfly

to the right some..

Open element  flower1.png  resize 40%

Open element flower 2.png  resize 40%

Open flower 8.png  resize 40%

Open flower 4.png  resize 30%

Open element string.png resize 50%  mirror

#6. Open the tube your going to use... copy and paste all these elements over to your working image

Below I used the deformation tool to pull out the mask layer.. a lil bit larger.. don't do it so large

that it will get cut off on the edges..

#7. When you get it all placed like you want.. Merge all the top layers...(don't forget to put the copyright info for the tube)

While you are at it... copy and paste the Dream a lil Dream text onto your top layers also.

Below you will see how I merged the layers. Add a new layer and move to the bottom of the layer palette..

fill with white.,  

 Hide the top merged layers, all the bottom layers should be visible now..

Right click on the top of the image window and COPY MERGED



#8.  Open your animation shop and paste as a new animation.

Open the mng animation that was in your supplies zip.. (simone ani 20 yellowMNG.mng)

Notice it has 15 frames..

Duplicate the new animation from PSP till it has 15 frames also. Select all frames on each of the animations

Click, hold and drag F:1 of the MNG animation over to F:1 of your bkg layers animation from PSP

#9.  Back in PSP  hide the bottom layers and UN hide the merged top layers..

Right click on the top of window.. COPY MERGE

over in animation shop.. right click on desktop and paste as a new animation..

#10. Duplicate the Merged top layers animation till you have 15 frames.

Click hold and drag F: 1 of the top layers over to your working animation .

Be sure to line the top layers on the bottom layers so that nothing is going off the edge or cut off..


#11.  Check your new animation.. if it all looks ok.. then Save as a GIF

You should be done.. :)

Toodles till next time