Use the arrow above to keep up with where you are in the tutorial.

I used the beautiful artwork of ęBarbara Jensen  you must purchase her tubes and use your license #'s

My license to use is BJ-3511

I also used Crazy Carita's 'Cute Halloween' scrap kit.. it is offered in Barbara Jensen's store

The dragon was freebie poser and the cat is made from a Photoshop action.

Supplies includes:

2 seamless bkgs, one frame,

2 dragon PNGs, 1 cat PNG ,

 Castle graphic, cloud graphic & Mask

I do NOT supply the tube or the scrap kit..

those are PTU and you must buy to can substitute any tube

and scrap kit you'd like though

Plugin used: EyeCandy 5/ Textures/ Texture Noise

This tutorial takes a working knowledge of PSP..

It was made in PSP X6 but could be done in any version of PSP


Let's begin

#1. Open your FrameImage.png .  Shift + D to duplicate, close the original.

  I already have the frame image you'll be working on a 900 x 900 canvas..

at the end you can resize it all.. I always start big :D

#2. Open the paper.png & the Gothic Castle images in your PSP

#3. Shift + D duplicating both of them, close the originals.

#4. Drag both of their layers to your working Frame layer.. making

sure they are below the frame have the paper.png on bottom.

#5. Highlight the frame layer on the layer palette. Use your magic wand tool

set at 20 tolerance and click inside the frame area. There should be marching ants

going around the inside frame.

#6. Go to selections/modify/expand  15 pixels

#7. On the layer palette have the Paper bkg selected

then  Selections/ invert/ Cut  or delete

keep selected , highlight the Gothic Castle layer and Cut or delete

Select none

#8. Highlight the Castle layer and colorize using these settings below.

We don't want any color on it.

#9. Set the Blend mode on the castle layer to which ever you like.. I used Lighten

Merge the Castle layer and the clouds together..

#10, Drag whatever bkg paper you're going to use with your mask.. have it under the frame and oval layers.

#11. Apply the mask. then highlight the top of the 3 mask layers and merge/ merge group.. shown below

# 12.  You can next position all the elements the way you want or go by what I did in the header tag

that is up to you..

I wont go through those steps.. after I got all those positioned like I wanted..

 I merged all the TOP elements above the frame. Then Hid them or X'd them out on the layer palette.

See below.

#13. Duplicate the oval Castle layer twice.. so you will have 3 layers of it..


#14.  Highlight the top of the Oval layers /select/ select all/ float/  then select/ defloat

#15.  Go to your Effects/Plugins/Eye Candy 5 Textures/Texture Noise use these settings below

You will apply this effect on each of the 3 Oval layers.. on the first one..

you will set the texture noise settings to the settings below

Then on the next oval down... use the same settings but click the RANDOM SEED button..

Same on bottom last oval layer.. same settings but click the RANDOM SEED button

If you forget to click the random seed.. the oval layers will not be different..

Unselect the Oval.

#16. Open your Animation shop..  On your layer palette in PSP unhide the top elements layer

Only have ONE oval layer showing.. hide the other two... have the mask & bkg layers showing also.

#17. Click on the top of the image window and click COPY MERGED

Over in Animation shop  right click on its desktop and click 'paste as a new animation'

 #18. Back in PSP hide the top Oval layer and UNHIDE the second Oval layer , Right click on the top of the image COPY MERGED again

over in Animation.. right click on the top of your new working animation.. and PASTE after current frame

#19. in PSP hide the showing middle Oval and UNHIDE the last bottom Oval frame... Right click on the image top and COPY MERGED again

over in Animation.. PASTE after current frame... You should have 3 frames now in your new animation.

#20. In animation shop....Ctrl + A to select all the frames... right click on the animation and go to FRAME PROPERTIES and set the speed to 35.

Click the animation preview button   does it look right to you??

#21. This next step is up to you... I wanted it to have a lil glitter to it.. and for the dragons nostrils to flare some..

so to make sure all the frames are selected  Ctrl + A  then Shift + X to export the frames back to PSP to edit them.

#22. I used the magic wand tool (tolerance 15)  to select the places where I wanted to put the noise glitter... after I selected what I wanted...

I went to noise

#23.  I applied the noise to each of the frame layers... starting at 11 %   13% then 15%

If you notice in the above capture... I didn't select the places where it was solid... its just random... not all over it..

#24.  After I apply the noise... on Frame 2 on the layer palette... I used the Warp Brush

with the brush just big enough to cover the dragons nostrils.. clicked ONCE to flare them out.. both sides..

ONLY did this on ONE frame. After I flared the nostrils out.. I used the Sharpen brush the same SIZE as the warp brush

and clicked one time.. to sharpen his nose.. When you use the warp

brush on something.. it makes it blurry...fixed it by using the sharpen brush.

#25. Click the X to close out your animation.. (in PSP)  it asks to save it.. you click NO

then it asks to Save the changes back in Animation shop you click YES..

back in Animation... you check your animation again  with the preview button

If all looks right... SAVE AS a GIF.. and your DONE!!

Toodles till next time..