This is the scrapkit I used for this tutorial

Inspired by ŠPinup Toons Bonus tube this month of Aug 2015

Plus the Bonus Tube for Aug of ŠPinup toons Must use your CDO license for it.

Mine #CD0-2339

WSL_Mask84 used



#1.  Open a new image 850 x 850. Open Frame 2.png that's in the kit. Copy and paste it to your new image.

#2. Using your  rectangle selection tool draw a rectangle over the frame.. Open paper3.jpg and copy it over to your working image..

#3. Below the frame layer.. INVERT the selection... and CUT on the paper3 paper layer..

#4. Open paper1.jpg and copy it over to your working image.. drag its layer to the bottom of the palette...

#5. Go to layers/load/save mask/ load mask from disk and find the mask on your preview drop down window


#6. Your image should look like below after you copy and paste the tube over to below the frame layer..  erase her feet

and legs that are showing under the frame.

#7. Now copy and paste the word art over to your working image.


#8. Open ele4.png  resize it 60%  Apply a 3D drop shadow on it.. using #673b50 as a shadow color

#9. Add a new layer above the Frame layer ... set the blend mode to burn   use this color  #8a4c6f

in your air brush tool and color over the  roses on the frame...

#10. Open ele3.png and resize 50%

put what ever elements you want on your image..

Below is what I did on mine.

#11. After I got the elements on my image.. I merged all layers except for the wording art.. Keep it on its own layer... and DUPLICATE

it 2 times so that you have 3 layers of the word art.

#12. Apply the noise effect on the first layer of the words. .using these settings

Start with 18 on the top word art layer.., 20 on next and 22 on last word art layers

#13. now hide the middle and bottom word art layer... have all the other layers showing

Right click on the top of your image window... COPY MERGED..

#14. Open your Animation shop now... and right click and paste as a new animation

back to PSP  hide the top word art layer and un hide the middle one.. right click and

COPY MERGED... back to Animation shop.. and paste behind current frame..

do this again.. from PSP to animation shop and paste behind current frame the 3rd time.. you should have

3 frames to your new animation... Ctrl + A to select all frames.. Open the heart animation... that's in the supplies zip

Notice it has 16 frames to it.. now duplicate the frames of your new animation (the 3 frames) till you have 16.. the same as the heart animation has..

One you have the same amount of frames on your new animation.. as the heart animation.. select all frames on both animations..

Click hold, & drag F:1 of the heart animation over to F: 1 of your new animation.. Let go... Check the new animation.. see if it looks ok...

if all is well Save As a GIF.. and you should be done!

Toodles till next time