Scrapkit used for this letter is Tiny Turtle Designs 'Creepy Nights'

Mask (Extract in to your mask folder)

GV Cotten Preset for Super Blade Pro ( Unzip all 4 files into your plugins folder/ Super Blade Pro/ Environments & Texture folder

Super Blade Pro HERE ( Close your PSP then put your SBP into your plugins folder.. re open PSP it should be under flaming pear plugins)

On a last min thought I added a sparkle to the finished image  HERE is that animation




#1. Open CreepyNight (2).jpg paper  Shift + D to duplicate the image.. close the original... this duplicated image is now your working image.

Right click on the papers layer on layer palette and promote background layer..

#2. Go to layers/ load/save mask/ load from disk.. find the #3 mask on your drop down preview window. Using these settings below

Fonts  Open both fonts... and minimize you should be able to see them on the font list in PSP if not... just right click on them and install.

#3. Open Element 44.png  resize 40% copy and paste the lamp where you'd like it to be.. I put it kind of in the middle hanging from the tree limb.

#4. Apply the 3D drop shadow on the lamp.

#5. On the paper layer apply a Sunburst behind the hanging lamp (move the crosshairs on the left side of the pane.. to where you need the sunburst.


#6. Now add a new layer above the lantern layer...using your airbrush....and the same yellow color... put a dot of color on the lantern.

Gaussian blur it 2

#7. Open Element7.png   Copy and paste it over to your working image. mirror it.. apply a 3D drop shadow on it.

#8. Copy and paste all the elements your going to put on your image now..

Pumpkin resize 40%

Cat on Moon  resize 65%

Multiple bats resize 60%

Big Bat element 6.png  40%

Grave Stone  resize 40%

#9. type the word Happy in WHITE... in the Bones Font set at 100 size

#10. Select all/ Float/ defloat... and apply theSuper Blade Pro GV Cotton preset to the white text.

#11. Use the Text tool with the Roanoke font  in #651999 color with white outline to do the Halloween.

Don't forget to put a 3D drop shadow on all the elements..

#12. Add a new layer to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with White or black which ever color you want..

as a last minute thought I added a sparkle burst animation to the finished image... I am not going into details how that was done.

. lots of previous tutorials of mine has the ' how to'  to know how to do this.. refer back to any one of them

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial... Toodles till next time..