Scrapkit used for ths tutorial is Tiny Turtle Designs ' Cranberry Christmas'

Tube used is by ŠNocturne you can find HERE

my license # PFD_SWT59

Supplies Dee's Mask, bench snow animation, Text art

Dee's Mask can also be found HERE at her Dangerously Delicious blog

This tutorial was done in PSP X 6.



#1.   Open a new image  900 x 900 transparent bkg..

Open Paper 12.jpg  Copy and paste it to your image window.. apply the mask that you saved from supplies zip to it

using the settings below.

#2. Open CranberryChristmasEelements (38).png  Copy and paste it to your working image..

Duplicate and place them both like below.

Below is where the mask layer is showing..

#3. Open the frame 92.png  Copy and paste it over to your working image.

Using your selection tool in a rectangle.. pull one out..a lil past the inside of the frame..

#4. INVERT and paste one of the papers to your working image and Cut on the paper layer

it don't matter what paper you use cause it will be covered over by the animation.  This is just used for placement of the animation.

#5. Like below. Add a new layer and drag to the bottom of the layer palette.. and fill with white.

#6. Apply a 3d drop shadow on the frame layer.

your image should look like below.

#7. If you use the same tube as I did...resize it 82%. Don't forget it's shadow.

Open element 50.png resize 40%

element 52.png resize 80%

element 41.png resize 40%  Duplicate

element 20.png resize 40%

element 29.png  resize 80%.. put this below the flower layers

element 30.png  resize 70%  duplicate

#8. Merge all the top element layers visible..

# 9. Merge all the bottom layers together..

#10. Hide the top layers and just have the bottom merged layers showing...Right click on the top of the window and COPY MERGED..

Open your animation shop and right click on it's desk top and Paste as a new animation. Duplicate the frame till you have 13 frames.. same as the bench snow animation.

Open the bench snow animation that you saved from the materials zip at the beginning. It has 13 frames to it... Ctrl + A to select all the frames..

You do this like you do all my other animations... Drag F: 1 of the bench snow animation over to F: 1 of your new working animation from PSP.

don't let go of the mouse button till you get it positioned right on top of the rectangle there in middle of your image..

Check to see if it looks right and not skipping any frames.. if not UNDO and start again.

Over in PSP hide the bottom merged layers and just have the top elements layer showing..Right click and COPY MERGED and over in

Animation shop... right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.. Duplicate the frame till you have 13 frames...Ctrl + A to select all frames..

Click , hold and drag F: 1 over to your working animation. Make sure you position it right before you let go of the mouse button.