Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from Fanette'Design's 'A taste of Winter'

art work of ©Fiodorva Maria is used also..  my license to use is # PFD_Swt60

 (Mask) WSL_Mask141.jpg put the mask in your mask folder.

This tutorial is written using PSP X 6 on Jan 5, 2017


#1. Open paper sp04.jpg   Shift + D to duplicate.. close the original.

the copy is now your working image.

#2. right click on its background layer and promote background layer.

Go to layers/ load save mask from disk

#3. resize the mask  70% then go to image Canvas size  650 x 850 center justify

#4. Open Frame 02.png resize 40% C & P  it over to your working miage

Once I I got the frame over there.. I noticed the mask wasn't showing from the edges

of the frame... and wanted them to. So I used the deformation tool to pull out the

edges of the mask.

#5. Once that is done  I C (copied) & P (pasted) my tube to my working image

Resize her accordingly. Apply a 3D drop shadow on her V=0  H=5  opacity 50% Blur is 12.00 and color black

Use this 3d drop shadow setting for all your elements.

#6. Open element lacerosette02.png resize 21%  C & P it over to your working image.. apply the shadow

Open lacerosette03.png resize 21% and C & P it over to working image also.. (shadow)

Open folage01(a)  resize 18%   duplicate and place under both of the rosette elements.

Open element wordstrip05.png  resize 50%  Use the deformation tool to turn it to the left some.

#7. Open element flower03.png resize 20%  C & P it over to your working mage.

Open flower02.png resize 20%  duplicate 2 times... place them under all the flowers and rosettes.

#8.  Add a new layer to the bottom of the layer palette. Fill with white.

Openwordstrip03.png (incredible)  place down on bottom left

Change it's layer mode (on the layer palette) to darken  that way the white background on it fades away.

#9. Open element starwa(b).png resize 65%  place it above the mask layer.

Use your magic wand tool and select the inside of the frame. go to Selections/ modify/ expand 8 pixels

#10. Open paper pp02.jpg.. C & P it over to your working image right below the frame.. Invert the selection and delete

on the paper layer. Apply your drop shadow on the frame... Sorry this  step should of been done way up on the

tutorial :)

#11. Open element bubble.png  resize 62%  C & P it to right  below the frame but on top of the paper behind the frame.

#12. Open element snowflakes.png resize 20% place it on the top of all layers but under the tube...

so the tube needs to be on top then the snowflakes.

OK , Here is the way I merged all my layers

You need to leave the bubble on it's own layer. also the word art (incredible) that the layer mode is set on dark? leave it on it's own

layer... cause if you don't you can see the white of the rectangle it's on I don't show this layer on my capture

of the layer palette...(sorry forgot).... all the layers below that merge..

all the layers from the frame on up merge them

You can resize your whole image right now.. I resized mine 87% all layers.

Duplicate the bubble layer 2 times.. you will end up with 3 layers of it.

leave the top of the bubble layers alone  HIDE it..

#13. select the middle bubble layer now and go to image/ free rotate (make sure the rotate single layer rotate from image center) is CHECKED

Free  (45 degrees)  click ok.

HIDE  that middle bubble layer , select the bottom original bubble layer.  Do the same as you did the middle one but change the degrees to  70 degrees

#14.  Ok  the bubble layers all have a different degree of rotate to the.. (well the first top one was not changed.

now have the top merged layer showing... and the bottom layers showing and just the TOP of the bubble layers  showing

the other 2.. middle and bottom are hid.

#15. Open your animation shop now.

In PSP right click on the top of your image and COPY MERGED

over in animation shop right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation

Back to PSP hide the top bubble layer you had sowing before.. and UN hide the middle bubble layer

all the top merged layers and bottom merged layers should   still be showing..

Right click on the top of the image and COPY MERGED AGAIN\

over in animation shop right click on the new animation there and paste after current frame.

(there should be 2 frames to your animation so far)

Back in PSP  hide the middle bubble layer and UN hide the bottom bubble layer (all bubble layers are hidden but the bottom one

all other layers are still showing?

Right click on the image window and COPY MERGED AGAIN..

over in animation shop right click on your new animation (with the 2 frames) and paste behind current frame again.

You should end up with a 3 framed animation? RIGHT?

Check your animation and see it it looks ok... you can right click on it and go to animation prpoperties

to change the speed if you want to.

if it all looks good.. save as a GIF.


Toodles till next time girls.