scrap used is Scrap Dimensions 'Cowgirl Outlaw'

Download HERE also

Artwork of Alex Prihodko also used

Mask is WSL_Mask202 extract into your mask folder or whereever you keep your masks.

I wrote this tutorial using PSP X 6.. it helps to have a working knowledge of PSP

Filters Unlimited 2.o is also used

#1. Create a new image 900 x 900  Open paper 1.png  resize 95% copy and paste it to your new image.

#2. Apply the mask to the paper using these settings below

#3. Use deform tool to enlarge the mask tiny bit

#4. Apply FF2/Convolution filters/Emboss /Light inverse to the mask layer TWICE.

#5.Duplicate the mask filter and position as its shown below

#6. Open Heart rope.png resize 75%  place it in the center up at the top.. Use magic wand to select inside the rope heart

go to selections/Modify/expand 10 pixels INVERT

#7. Open Paper 4.png resize 75% copy and drag it over to working image.. drag its layer below the

Rope frame. CUT or delete. Your working image should look like below

#8. Open the wanted poster... draw a rectangle selection in the center where the picture goes

Drag the tube over to the wanted poster. center in the rectangle INVERT . Be on her layer and CUT or delete

#9. Highlight the tubes layer and go to Effects/Photoeffects/Sepia Toning


#10 use the below settings

#11. You might darken her layer with levels too.

Merge the tube with the wanted poster.. resize 60% copy and paste it over to your working image.

#12. Open the element wood.png (fence) resize 50% copy and paste on to working image

open element Horse.png resize 75%  copy and paste working image

open grass3.png duplicate and make it where it's a long line of grass behind the girl tube

Open grass.png resize the grass 75%

Open the Cactus.png resize 80%

open the Gun resize 20%

open the noose.. resize 30%

don't forget all your 3D drop shadows

Open wire fencing.. resize 80%  drag its layer below everything but the mask layer

below you can see the placement of all the layers.

oh almost forgot the word it and resize 65%... don't forget your copyright info


#13. Below is how the layers need to be merged.

on the wire fence layer duplicate 2 times this will give you 3 layers of it..

#14. Use Noise effect on all 3 of the fence layers.. start at 30%   32% 34%

NOTE: if you want to resize your image now is time..85% is good (all layers)

#14... Open your animation shop now :)

 In psp hide the bottom two of the wire fence layers.. everything else is showing

Right click on top of your working image COPY MERGED.. over to animation shop  Paste as a new animation.

PSP... hide the top wire fence layer UN hide the 2nd one down  Right click on top of the image and

COPY MERGED.. Over to animation shop and right click on your new animation and paste after current frame

back to PSP hide the middle wire fence layer and UN hide the bottom wire fence layer.

Right click on top and COPY MERGED... back to animation shop and right click and paste after current frame.

your animation shop have 3 frames to it... check the animation by click on this button

if all looks right.. SAVE AS a GIF...



Version 2:  Duplicate the noose layer 2 times and make one go to the left (like its swinging) pay close attention to where it connects up at the top...

Line all 3 of the noose layers in the same placement up at the top.. make one go to the left.. one swing to the right and the other straight down...

Look at the sample below... you just hide two of the noose layers and  COPY MERGED and paste as a new animation

in animation shop... you do the same as any animation tutorial.. I have written... refresh if you need to :)


Toodles till next one :)