FTU scrapkit used for this tutorial by: ASpaceBetween 'Country Christmas'


A Millie Dell Mask used   MPM_Mask95.jpg 


(Frame, Snow Animation Mask & Noel graphic scene in the supplies zip)


#1. Open RedFrame.png that was in the Supplies zip.

Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close original.

new image is now your working image.

Image/Resize/85% have resize all layers UNCHECKED.

#2. Open paper2.jpg  Resize 23% copy & paste over to your working image.

Close original paper , don't save changes.

On the layer palette drag the paper layer to bottom.

#3.  Go to Layers/Load-Save mask/Load Mask from Disk

Find the mask you want on the drop down...Apply the Mask

I used MPM_Mask95.jpg

#4. Click on the top layer of the mask on the layer palette and right click

Merge/Merge group.

#5. Click on the Frame layer on the layer palette. Use your magic wand tool and click on the center of frame

Selections/Modify/Expand 7 pixels INVERT

#6. Open the noel_14.jpg Winter scene. Resize 60%. Copy and paste it over to your working image.

Drag it's layer below the frame image.. but where it's layer is above the mask layer.

Close the original scene window and do not save the resizing.

Move your winter scene how you want it within the circle selection..

#7. Your image should look like the above image.. click Delete or cut.. (besure you are on the scene layer)

 This should cut out the extra winter scene from around the frame. Select None.

#8.  Add a new layer.. drag it to the bottom of the layer palette.

Either fill with white.. or whatever color/material you want.. I filled with this light tan paper

so that it would blend with this tutorial.. the choice is yours.

#9. Hide the Frame layer... and merge visible all the other layers.. rename it Bkgs

#10 Un hide the Frame layer.. apply a 3D drop shadow on it..

Start putting all the elements you want.. to decorate the frame.

This is what I ended up with

BowDot8.png     30%

 use deformation tool to turn it where it looks good along the frame

Pinecone.png      25% (duplicated)

Pointsetta1.png     20%

Ball7.png    28%

Ball9.png    32%

Snowman1.png     50%

Holly.png     30%

Reindeer1.png     32%

Ribbon4.png  21%

CandyCane.png     22% mirrored   

CandyCane3.png     22%

#11. When you get all your elements positioned like you want.. Hide the bottom Bkg layer.

Merge/Visible all the elements + frame layers.

You should end up with just two layers on the layer palette.

#13. Now is a good time to resize if your image is bigger than you like... I resized mine 85%

#14. Hide the top frame/elements layer.. Highlight the bottom Bkg layers on palette ,

right click on top of window and COPY MERGE.

#15. Open your  Animation shop now.. right click on the desktop of it.. and paste as a new animation

Your new animation.. you got from PSP has just one frame right now..

you need to click the duplicate button 4 times,

 (that gives you 9 frames, you need 10 to match the snow animation )Click on F:9 frame (just have it selected)

Then click the duplicate button ONCE.. you should now have 10 frames on your animation..

 if not.. UNDO & do again! When you have 10 frames Ctrl + A to select all the frames.. have

it where you can see F:1 of the bkg animation.

#16. Open the  10FrameSnowAnimation.mng in Animation shop..   Ctrl + A to select all frames, on the snow animation

There are 10 frames of the snow. Click , HOLD, and drag F:1 of Snow animation over to F:1 of the bkg animation.

Position the snow on the circle in the middle of F:1..Don't let up till you position it

where you want then let go of mouse button.

#16. Check your new animation.. to see if it don't jump etc.. if all is ok.. You can close the 10 framed snow animation

 go back to PSP.

#17. Hide the bkg mask layer and highlight the frame/elements layer.

Right click on top of window  COPY MERGED

Back to Animation shop, right click on desktop and paste as new animation.

Duplicate it just like you did before.. duplicate button click 4 times.. highlight F:9 and duplicate again.. you

should have 10 frames. Ctrl + A to select all frames on EACH of the animations.

Click, Hold and Drag F:1 of Frame animation to F:1 of bkg snow animation.. be sure and place it correctly

paying close attention to where the circle lines up.

#18. Check to see if all looks alright on your new animation.. if it does SAVE AS a GIF

Hope you enjoy the tutorial..

TOODLES till next time