Scrapkit I used in this tutorial is a freebie from Sweet Shop designs store..'Confetti'

Direct Download

also used the artwork of ŠPinup Toons  you must purchase and have a license # to use.

WSL_Mask141 used... unzip in your mask folder

Direct download HERE plugin is used

Filter Forge 4.0 is also used you can download a 30 day fully functional trial

how to use Filter forge you can check out my tutorial on it HERE


#1. open the frame shift + D to duplicate close original. The duplicated frame is your working image now. Resize the frame 45%

go to  IMage/ canvas size 900 x 900  center justify.

Click K on the keyboard and it will bring up the deformation tool. Grab a corner to turn the frame like below.

#2. Click M on the keyboard.. (move tool)

#3. Open paper 3  resize 80%  Drag its layer over to your working image

#4. Apply your mask to this paper layer using the settings below.

#5. Merge/merge group

#6. use the deformation tool to pull out the corners of the mask layer to enlarge it some

#7. Open paper2.jpg resize 80% Copy and paste it's layer over to your working image.

Use the deformation tool to turn it till the stripes are in the frame horizontally.

#8. Use your magic wand and click in the center of the frame.

Selections/modify/expand 8 pixels INVERT and being on the paper layer on the palette hit delete..

that will get rid of the extra paper outside of frame..

# 9. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame now.

# 10. Open the tube your going to use. Hope there is a larger pic of the tube... put her face in the frame

apply a 3D drop shadow on the tube. and merge her with the striped paper below.



#11. apply Jeans to her merged layer.This plugin really lightens the layer too much.. Go to

Adjust /brighten and contrast/ Curves to darken it some

#12. Now copy and paste your full figured image to your working image.

apply a 3D drop shadow on her.

#13. make sure you've higlighted the layer of the face image below the frame..

open your filter forge plugin

I think that the effect I used is one of the default plugins that come in FF

it will put black around the edges you will have to use your selection tool / set to free hand/ point to point and make a selection around the area

and/ invert and cut.. to get rid of it..

below shows how it looks after you cut the extra black off of there.

#14. Start opening the elements you're going to use..

flower2.png  resized 25% then reopen it and resize 20%

open leaf  resize 20%  duplicate 3 times..

Confetti  resize 25%

flower1  resize15% duplicate 3 times

bow resize 25%

label  resize 30%

placement below.

Time to crop.. Don't do it so close that you crop some of the mask layer off where its flat on the sides..

Save as a jpg... set compression at 1.. (Option is on Save As window)


Toodles till next time