Scrapkit used for this tutorial is by Carita Creationz 'Coffee Break'

Artwork of ©VeryMany also used  License VMT_Artsyatheart

Materials  Mask

Xenofex 2/ Constellation is used in this tutorial



#1 . Open pp9.jpg paper... Shift + D to duplicate the image.. Close the original , the duplicated one is your working image.

#2. Apply the mask that was in Materials zip to the bkg paper layer using these settings

#3. Merge/ Merge group... Duplicate the mask layer and merge/ merge down

#4. go to Image/ canvas size  900 x 900 center justify

#5. Open f1.png frame and resize 90%

Copy and paste it over to your working image.. Use your magic wand and click on the inside

of the frame... go to selections/modify/ expand 10 pixels  INVERT selection

Open pp5.jpg and resize 70%  copy and paste over to your working image.. below the frame layer..

hit delete.. to delete the extra out side of frame.

#6. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame... V & H 3 67%  8 blur , black

#7. Open element 31.png and resize 40%

Duplicate  resize 80%  Sharpen

Duplicate again and resize 70%  Sharpen

#8. Open element 14.png resize 80%

Open element 42.png  resize 30%

Resize ALL layers 88%... go to Image/canvas size  900 x 900 again.

Add a new layer and fill with white move this layer to the bottom of the layer palette.

#9. Open the tube you're going to use.. if you use the same one as myself.. i resized it 50%

apply you 3d shadows on all these elements.

Open element 2.png resize 45%

Open element 1.png resize 50%

Open element 38.png  resize 85%  use deformation tool to turn it...

 move this layer below all the other layers but above the mask layer..

#10. Open element 37.png resize 75%

Open element 35.png resize 75%

Open element 20.png resize 75% duplicate DON'T put 3d shadow on them yet.

Open element 18.png  resize  50 %

Open element 27.png resize 85%  use your rectangle selection tool to chop the words in half

where you put each piece on the frame bkg layer.. set the blend mode to Luminance (L)

I also used the deformation tool to enlarge the mask layer.

Placement below... I ended up mirroring my tube..

#11. Merge the two doilies layers together.. All the top layers , then the mask and white bkg layer..

as shown below on my layer palette.

Duplicate the doilies layers 2 times.. this is how my layer palette looks

#12. Apply Xenofex 2/ constellation to each of the doilies layers. On the top doilies layer apply the plugin with these setting

on the other 2 layers of them... just hit the random seed button.. on each of the other two.

#13. after you have applied the Xenofex 2 to all three of the doilies layers...NOW put the drop shadow

on the 3 doilies layer. V & H 1  opacity 45% blur 3 , black

 hide the bottom 2 layers of the doilies layers and have all other layers showing.. Right click on top

of image and COPY MERGE

Open your animation shop and paste as a new animation..

Back to PSP, hide the top doilies layer and unhide doilies layer 2. you guys know how to do this :)

and COPY MERGE... BACK to animation shop and paste behind current frame on your new animation there...

do this AGAIN to the 3rd doilies layer... have it showing and have the other doilies layers hidden.. all other layers

are showing though... COPY MERGE

back to animation shop and paste behind currant frame. You should end up with 3 frames to your

new animation.. Check it.. if all is well.. Save as a GIF..