I used a FTU scrapkit from ASpaceBetween ' Minty Choco Delice'  Here is Mirella's Blog   Kit HERE

I use the artwork of İPinuptoons  License #CDO-2339

Mask used DBVMask143 (Designs by VAYBS)

I wrote this tutorial using PSP X7...you must have a working knowledge of PSP.. well it helps :)

Xenofex 2/ Constellation plugin is used.

1. Open ssam_mintychocodelice_element34.png   Shift + D to duplicate, close original. Go to image/canvas size 900 x 900  center justify.

This is now your working image.  Copy and paste paper 2 over to your working image.. apply mask DBVMask 143 to it... Merge/Merge group.

Open paper 3 now and apply the same mask to it... Merge/Merge group.

Stagger them like it shows below.. making sure the mask layers are below the frame layer. when that's done merge the two mask layers.

ADD a new layer/drag it to the bottom.. and fill with white.

Open the tube your going to use...her layer should be above the frame layer.



Open elements












Resize these as needed

Refer to below as to placement

When you get all the elements placed where you want them Merge visible on them do NOT merge the mask layers or the frame layer... the frame layer

needs to be by its self...and Duplicated 2 times so you will have 3 frame layers


You layer palette should look like below

Select the first frame layer on the layer palette and apply Xenofex 2 / Constellation on it.. using the settings below.


On the 2nd frame layer.. go back to apply Xenofex 2/ Constellation plugin on it.. but the only thing you click is the RANDOM SEED button

On the 3rd frame layer apply Xenofex 2 again... just clicking the RANDOM SEED button again.

Now is time to add your copyright info if you've forgot that... can just add a new layer and put it on there... no need to merge.

On your layer palette... have all layers showing but HID frame 2 and 3 layers by clicking on the EYE

Right click on the top of the image and click COPY MERGED

Open your animation shop and right click on the AS desktop  Paste as a new animation...

back to PSP and hide the 1st frame layer and UN HIDE the 2nd one...right click on top.. COPY MERGED... BACK to  animation shop

and right click on your new animation and paste after current frame.

Back to PSP  hide the 2nd frame layer and UNHIDE the 3rd frame layer... Right click on top...COPY MERGED

BACK to animation shop and right click on new animation and paste behind current frame.

Check your animation now by clicking this button.

If all looks well.. Save as a GIF

Your done...Hope you enjoyed the tutorial