I decided to do this in PSP X7.. it turns out sooooo much better when you do in Photoshop

#1. Open a new image 1000 x 1000  use your selection tool/ rectangle and pull out a rectangle in the new image

open Mura's Meister Cloud 2.2 plugin. Use #f7e2bd in your foreground box and #e5b259 in the background box.

Use the settings below.


#2. Open up Xenofex 2 /Burnt edges

Use the settings below Burn color #eab252

#3. The next tool you will need isnt on the tool bar you will have to manually put it on there

Go to view/Customize.

 #4. when the customize window comes up.. on the categories on left on the commands tab

all the way to the bottom, ALL COMMANDS. Then on the right under commands find the Warp.. they are alphabetized

click hold and drag the warp tool up to the tools bar. Then let go of mouse button.

#5. click on the warp tool your image should look like below.  Set the mesh horizontal at 6 and the mesh vertical at 6.

# 6. Grab the node at bottom right and pull out and up a little.Do the same on the bottom left... do this on all corners.

#7. Select all/ float/ defloat  Add a new layer and fill with black, drag this filled layer below the cloud paper layer. This will be

the new 3d drop shadow layer. Use the warp mess tool, and drag the shadow out on all 4 corners like you did the paper layer.

so that a lil of the shadow layer shows... drop the opacity way down

#8. then select the paper layer and apply a 3d drop shadow on it.. using the settings below.



This is the next project  There are some stamp frames in the suplies zip.

Open one of the stamp frames (resize 50%)  Duplicate the layer The frame on the bottom layer will be the shadow layer.

Use the deformation tool on the top frame


Below is using Photoshop


Photoshop's Transform/ Warp is better than PSP's