Scrapkit used for this tutorial is a FTU kit from Cinnamon Scraps 'Think Pink'


I also used the artwork of ©Sherri Baldy  #MTA-3847

This was a pre animated file that I bought..

Tutorial written for PSP X 6 July 16, 2015

Mask used SKDS_CMFloral4 Sorry I don't remember where I got this Mask.



#1. Open paper1.jpg   Shift + D to duplicate the window... close the original 

 Resize the duplicated one 22%. Right click on the bkg layer on the layer palette and Promote to background layer.

#2. Apply the mask to your paper layer.. merge/merge group Duplicate the mask layer and merge down.

#3.Open the dooodle.png  resize 50%  mirror.

Open flower4.png resize 20%

Open brush2.png resize 25%

Open flower 3.png  resize 15% duplicate

Below I just placed one of the frames to the animation on the base tag to see if it looks alright... I deleted it after I checked it out

#4. Below is how your base tag should look.

you need to put your copyright on the tag somewhere it will show..

#5. Open your animation shop

 #6. Right click on the top of your blank tag and  COPY MERGED.. over to animation shop

right click on the desk top and paste as a new animation... Open the MNG file of the ©Sherri Baldy animation.

#7. Notice it has 29 frames.. which is alot... on your new blank animation that you pasted from PSP  Duplicate it till you have 29 frames.

Ctrl + A to select all the frames... do this with both animations... on ©Sherri Baldy's animation..

#8. Click, Hold down mouse button and DRAG F:1(frame 1) over to the F:1 of

 your new blank animation window. Don't let go of the mouse button till you place it just exactly where you want it placed.. then let go of mouse..

Check your new animation now.. if all looks well  Save As a GIF..

That should be it...Done!

Toodles till next time.