Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from Amalie Designs ' Chill Fall '

artwork used from  İZlata

my license Zlatam_Artsyatheart

Supplies ( Mask and mng ani file & text art )

Water Splash PS brushes HERE


#1. Open paper 17.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate..  close the original and keep the copy as

your working image.

#2. Right click on the papers layer on palette and promote to background layer.

#3. Apply the mask that was in the supplies zip to the paper. Merge/ merge group

#4. Duplicate the mask layer and merge down the two mask layers

#5. Go to image/ canvas size  900 x 900 center justify.  Add a new layer and move to bottom of layer palette. Fill with white.

Your image should look like below.

#6. Note:  If you have a window open where the scrap kit your using out of is, when you drag an element straight from that window

over to PSP's layer palette it will automatically put the . element on the selected image.

Open element 16.png (round frame) get it on your selected image.. either by copy and paste or by the

above method.. In PSP there is always at least 3 ways of doing the same thing.

#7. Open Scene.jpg that was in the supplies zip.

place its layer under the frame layer.

#8. Erase the corners of the scene under the frame.

#9. Duplicate the scene layer 2 times.. so you end up with 3 of the scene layers.

You can merge the mask and the white background layer together.

#10.  Open the fairy tube now resize 70% put it on your working image.

Put a 3D drop shadow around the tube... have on a separate layer checked.. erase the part of the shadow around the wings.

#11. Open element 74.png (Oval pink ornate frame) place it's layer below the round frame and erase the extra that is

showing below the round frame.


#12. Open element 28.png (orange flower) resize 35% Sharpen once

Open element 3.png (tri pink roses) resize 50%

Use your magic wand tool set on below settings

select parts of the  darkest pink parts of the roses..

Use Colorize  on the below settings.

#13. Paste the roses over to your working image.

#14. Open element 77.png (peach glitter flower ) resize 60% Duplicate and mirror.

paste its layer s below all the other flower layers.

#15.  Open element 66.png (peach leaves) Image/ rotate right. resize 60% paste below all flower layers.

Open element 61.png (cinnamon sticks) resize 60 % sharpen once.. Image/ rotate to the right..

paste it's layer below all the flower and leaves layers.

#16. Open element 75.png (jar light) resize 48%  duplicate and mirror.  Don't put a drop shadow on these.

#17. Merge all the layers from the frames on up... this merged layer will be on the top of the layer palette. (don't forget the copyright info for the tube)

the 3 separate scene layers are in the middle.

Merge the mask and the white background layer, it will be on the bottom of the layer palette.


#18. Use your selection tool on point to point with these settings

#19. Make a selection of the central water areas to be animated.

#20. Start on the top of the scene layers... do this same thing with each of the three... of course each movement you do with the warp brush will be diff

on each layer. Remember make slight movements. NOT big ones.

#21. Ok now to start on the warp brush on the water scene.

Click on your warp brush.. the trick is to make slight movements.


Do this on each of the scene layers.

#23. After you use the warp brush on all 3 scenes... pick a scatter brush that comes in all PSP versions I think... and use white color with

the brush set on 1 for size on each of the scenes.. put some sparkle on the water... like when water bubbles up don't put it

big just tiny lil white sparkles like going down rocks.. etc.. Brush settings below

I used  water splash 008

You use the water brush on each of the scene layers.

#24. Resize all layers now 85%

#25. Open the text art file that was in the supplies zip... resize 65% copy and paste it over to your image on the top

of the layer palette.. merge down on the it and the top merged layers.


#25. You can crop if there is too much white on the bottom.

Hide the middle and the bottom of the scene layers have all the top layers the top scene layer and the merged bottom layers showing..

Right click on the top of window and COPY MERGED

#26. Open your animation shop now.

right click and paste as a new animation.

Back to PSP hide the top of the scene layers and UN hide the middle scene layer.  Have top and bottom layers showing..

Right click and paste behind current frame.. do this one more time... with the bottom scene layer.

you will end up with a 3 framed animation.. Ctrl + A to select all the frames... right click and  Set the frame properties to 25 speed

Open the MNG file that was in supplies zip

which ever one you want to use  They are both pastel leaf drops..

You know the rest how to get the mng animations on your new animation.. RIGHT????