Scrapkit used for this tutorial  by Crazy Carita's 'Charming Dots'

ęBarbara Jensen artwork also used

Mask WSL_Mask160  (save in your mask folder)

This tutorial was written with PSP X 7.. basic knowledge of PSP is required

Eyecandy /textures/ noise plugin u


Xenofex 2 / constellation used

#1. Open 4.png (frame) Shift + D to duplicate Close original.

Image/Canvas size  900 x 900  Center justify. This is your new working image.

#2. Open pp5.jpg (paper) Copy and Paste it to your working image.

Layers/ Load/Save Mask/ Load Mask from Disk

#3. Use your deformation tool/ scale mode and pull out the corner nodes of the mask... you want to have it where you can see the mask on all sides.


#4. Open your tube.  copy and paste it to your working image. position it like below..

#5. Use your magic wand tool and click on the inside of the round dotted frame, selecting it.. go to Selections/Modify/ expand 10 pixels


#6. Use your erase tool and erase the bottom of the tube where it over hangs on the round frame.

# 7. Apply a 3D drop shadow on your tube.


#8. Open elements

28.png  resize 40%

12.png resize 50%

16.png  resize 45% duplicate

14.png  resize 40%  duplicate

21.png resized 25% duplicated twice

#9. 19.png 40%  duplicated

9.png resized 40% duplicated and mirrored

11.png  100%

12a.png resize 50%  duplicated

1.png  resize 50%

#10. This is how my layer palette looks

Duplicate the mask layer.. 2 times. this is the layer  you apply Eyecandy Textured noise to.

#11/ below is the Eye Candy 5/textures/ texture noise settings.

This is for the top mask layer on the next mask layer same settings but just hit the RANDOM SEED button

same thing on 3rd mask layer hitting the RANDOM SEED button

Use your magic wand tool tolerance 20  0 feather.. select some of the hair strands on the tube.. duplicate the tube layer 2 times..

#12. You palette should look like this one below.

#13. Use the settings below for the hair strands... on the top tube layer, on each of t

he other layers apply the same setting just hit the RANDOM SEED button each time..

Like you did with the Eye candy 5 textured noise.

#14. ok  open your animation shop... hide the bottom 2 tube layer and bottom 2 mask layers...

like below.. right click on the top of your working image and copy merged

#15. Back to animation shop and right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.

#16. to PSP again and hide the first layer of the tube and UN hide the 2nd.  Same with the mask layers

Right click on top of image and COPY MERGED

#17. over to animation shop and right click on the new animation and paste after current frame.

#18. Back over to PSP. hide the 2nd of the tube layer and the mask layer. UNhide the last of of each

Check your animation now..

If all looks well.. save as a GIF..

there you've made it through another animation tut!!!


Toodles till next time