This FTU scrapkit 'Candy Cane Kisses' is a Creative Chicks Blog Train you can start HERE..

 to start downloading the kits from each designer

I have uploaded the whole kit for you HERE , cause some of the links don't work on their blogs

artwork of Melissa Dawn used in tutorial also My license # CDO-2339

WSL_Mask363.jpg HERE (4th down from top) Put the mask in your mask folder

I used PSP X 6 for this tutorial.. all versions should work.. The tutorial requires a

working knowledge of PSP


#1.  Open Frame 5.png from the kit. Shift + D to duplicate close original

the duplicate frame is now your working image.

Resize 85% , all layers.

Image/Canvas size/ 900 x 900...will resize later.

#2.  I opened MSL_Paper10.jpg Copied and pasted it over to your working image.. drag

its layer to the bottom of layer palette.

#3. Apply your mask to the paper layer. Merge/ Merge group (3 mask layers)

(layers/load/save mask/load mask from disk)

#4. Use the deformation tool, to pull out the mask on the sides.. like the above pic.

 (with the later versions of PSP you can click the K on the keyboard to pop up the deformation tool.)

#5. Add a new layer below the mask layer and fill with white.

#6. Open Paper Miz_CCK_paper9.jpg. Copy and paste it on your working image.. have it's layer right below the frame layer.

#7. Use your magic wand tool and click on the center of the frame.. (have the frame layer selected in layer palette)

The center of the frame should be selected.. go to Selections/Modify/Expand 10 pixels  INVERT

Highlight the tan paper layer and CUT/Delete

Select none


#8. Hide the frame layer, Merge visible

#9.  Duplicate the bottom merged layer 2 times.. so you end up with 3 layers of it..

then Duplicate the frame layer 2 times.. you'll have 3 layers of the frame

all together on the layer palette you will have 6 layers.

#10. Open the snow-sparkle.png and resize 30%

#11. Highlight one of the frame layers on the layer palette... don't matter which one..

#12. Use your magic wand and click inside the frame area.. go to selections/modify/expand 10 pixels

#13. Now hide ALL the frame layers.. click on the first background merged layer.

#14. Copy and paste the snow-sparkle.png over to your working image

#15. Duplicate it 2 times.. so you have 3 layers of the snow-sparkle

#16. Drag each snow layer above a merged bkg layer.. look below to see how it should look


#17. This next part is going to be confusing to you.. must read carefully

ok remember you have a selection going... the selection of the inside of frame/expanded 10  and INVERSED

Before you start merging down.. etc.. the layers of the SNOW  each snow must be moved down some

on your working image.. this will make it animated snow.. like its falling..

#18. Hide all layers except the #1 snow and #A copy of Merged..

 Highlight the #1.. snow layer.. on your working image window..

grab the snow with mouse and move it down a tiny bit.. not to the side.. just straight down..

#19. You could use your arrow buttons down.. so that it will not accidentally go to the side etc..

After you move the snow down a tiny bit.. with its layer highlighted.. click DELETE. That gets rid of the extra snow outside of frame.

 #20. then Merge it DOWN with the copy of Merged layer..(bkg) Hide it then

#21.  UNHIDE now the #2 snow and B layer of merged.. on the working image

pull the snow down lil bit more than you pulled it first time.. then DELETE or cut...

 #22. Merge/down (snow to the copy of merged layer..) Hide the new merged layer.

 #23. UNHIDE the last two..#3 snow and the bottom Merged layer..

On the working image click hold and drag down the snow layer a lil bit more than before.. or use the down arrow key.

#24. You should still have a selection going.. click DELETE or CUT.. to get rid of all the extra snow..

#25. Merge/Merge down on the layer two that you did..

#26. HIDE all layers.. unhide the top frame layer, Use your magic wand click on the outside of frame

#27. Selections/Modify/Expand 7 pixels (keep it selected for all frame layers)

#28. Go to Effects Xenofex 2/ Constellation and use these settings.

#29. Hide that top frame layer. Highlight the 2nd frame layer and go to Xenofex 2/ Constellation again..

don't change any settings.. just click the Random Seed button once.

Hide the second frame layer and apply the plugin to the last and 3rd frame layer.

Keep all the same settings just click Random Seed button once..

#30. On all 3 of the frame layers.. now apply a 3D drop shadow


#31. Then merge down Each frame layer to a Merged bkg layer. You should just have 3 layers on

your layer

Click on the top layer, others are hid.. now right click on the top of the working image

and click copy merged. Open your Animation shop and right click on it's desktop and

paste as a new animation. Back to PSP... hide the first layer and unhide the 2nd layer , right click on top and copy merged again

# 32. Back in Animation shop..right click on top of new animation and paste after current frame.




#33. Do the same for the 3rd frame.. in animation shop you should have 3 frames to your animation

if its too fast of a speed for your animation..

first Ctrl + A to select all....right click on the top of the animation and click

on Frame Properties and change from 10 to 20.. the larger the number the slower the animation is.


#34. ok Back in PSP... we need to put together all the elements above the frame layer..

I used: 

Mailbox.png    100%

CandycaneKisses.png    100%

and Melissa Dawn's Christmas Kitty tube.. it is a PTU tube from CDO store. link up at the top.. you must use

your license # with it also. Mine # CDO-2339

#35. Hide all the bottom layers.. like below and right click on the top of the working image.. and Copy Merged

#36. Over in animation shop.. right click on the desktop and Paste as new animation.

Click the duplicate button 2 times.. so you should have a 3 animation frame animation

Ctrl + A to select all frames... select all frames on your other animation you were working on while ago with the frame on it..

Click , Hold & drag F:1 of the kitty animation.. over to F:1 of the frame/snow animation.. don't let go of mouse

till you have it positioned exactly where you want it.. then let go of mouse.

When you let go of mouse.. all 3 frames of kitty should be ontop of all the 3 frames of the frames & snow.

Click the Check animation button .. to see if nothing moves that's not suppose to.. Remember UNDO is your friend and you can

use it as many times as you need!!

If all looks ok.. then Save As your new animation...gif

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.. Contact me if I explained something wrong.. or you need help!


TOODLES till next time!