This scrapkit use to be a FTU kit from A Space Between 'Enamorte Yellow'

is now a PTU kit of hers at her store.. now called 'Light of Summer'

I don't know WHY people offer a free kit then change name of it and try selling in it their stores...

SOOO I am still gonna put it on here as a FTU kit.

Direct download

Artwork of İMaria Fiodrova was also used. The tube was from

the tube is called Elizabeth by İFedor

Becky Mask  

this is direct download.. sorry don't remember where I got this mask.


#1. Open paper 1.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the window. Close the original. the Duplicated copy is

now your working image. Right click on bkg layer and promote to background layer.

 Resize 80% have the resize all layers UN checked.

#2. Apply your mask to this paper layer using the settings below.

#3.Merge/ Merge group... Duplicate the Mask layer 2 times... merge/ visible to all 3 of the layers.

#4. for newer versions of PSP  click the K on the keyboard... this will bring up the deformation tool.

Mask sure its on scale.. pull out the corners to enlarge the mask.. don't pull out too far.. so that

it goes over the edges of the image.

#5. Open element 42  resize 25% move its layer over to the center of your working image.

Open element 5 frame.. resize it 60% Drag its layer over to your working image.

#6. Open the tube you're going to use.. if you use the one I did.. resize her 45%.

 I used the green dress and white rose.

Your image should look like below

#7. Open element 27  resize 15% Drag its layer over to your working image

Open element 2 resize 20% mirror  layer over to working image.

place at the bottom to cover where her legs end.

#8. Open element 13.png  resize 40% mirror

Open element 29.png resize 15%

Open element 2 again.. resize 15%  rotate left (vertical)

Open element 24 resize 25%

Open element 44  resize 15%  duplicate

Open element 26  resize 20%  Use just one of the jars duplicate 2 times

Add a new layer and drag it to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white

#9. Merge your elements/layers like below

#9. Use your selection tool set to ellipse and draw out an oval selection as shown

Invert and cut the extra out of the center element 42, where you can't see it past the center area.

Duplicate this layer. Use deformation tool to turn it on it's center axle. TRY to keep the center button

on both layers close to the center.


#10.Duplicate the merged top layers with the girl tube on it...  use your magic wand set on 10 tolerance

select some of the lighter blonde strands of hair

Use the settings below...on the first copy of the girl layer..  go back to the second layer and apply the same settings

but this time click the Random Seed button.

#11 Resize the whole image 80%

Your layers should look like below

#12.  Show the 1st merged layer and hide the 2nd, Same with the 1st dollie layer show it and hide the 2nd dollie layer.

Right click on top of image window and Copy Merged

Open Animation shop and right click on desktop and paste as a new animation.

Next Hide the top merged elements layer and UN hide the 2nd one..

Hide the top doilie layer and UN hide the 2nd doilie layer.

#13. Right click on the image window top.. Copy Merged

back to Animation shop and paste after current frame.

You should have 2 frames to your new animation... check the animation and see if it looks ok

if it does.. SAVE AS a GIF..

You're done!!

Toodles till next time