Kit used in this tutorial is from Dee's Sign Depot ' By the Sea'

Artwork of ©Fiodorova Maria is also used

Supplies (mask and 2 animations )

This tutorial is written using PSP X 6 on July 7, 2016


#1. Open paper_2.jpg  Shift +  D to duplicate the image... close the original keep the duplicated one as

your working image.. right click on the bkg layer and promote background layer

On this layer apply  the mask that was in the zip to the layer using the below settings.

#2. Go to image/ canvas size and make it 900 x 900 center justfiy

Open element Spray_16.png resize 88%

Use your deformation tool to pull out the edges of mask to enlarge.

#3. Open Paper_4.jpg   copy and paste it over to your working image. To below

the wreath layer. Move it where the wave is in the middle of the wreath.

Use your magic wand tool , select the wreath layer and click on the center of the wreath to select it

Go to selections/ modify/ expand/ 25 pixels   Invert    then delete on the beach paper layer

#4. Merge down on the wreath and beach scene paper, that way you can move them

like you like them on the image.

#5. Open the Mermaid tube and resize 50% copy and paste it over to your working image.

Apply a 3D drop shadow  V + H 3  Opacity 49   9 blur black color

#6. Your image should look like the one above. Add a new layer on the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white

Open element 47b.png (sand)  copy and paste it below the mermaid layer.

Open element 37.png (fern)  resize 80% duplicate resize 80% and mirror.

Open element 60b.png (sea scene)  resize 60% sharpen once

#7. Open element 59.png (coral branch) resize 45%

Open element 28.png (blue star fish)  resize 30%

Open element_2.png (flower)  resize 40% (move this layer to the top of layer palette.)

Open element_48.png (crawdad) resize 50%

Open element_70.png (round shells)  resize 80%

Placement below.  Don't forget your copyright info for the tube.

#8. Open element Spray_10.png (turquoise dots) Move it to top layer.

Open element Spray_1.png (bubbles)  resize 80%

Open Spray_17.png  (turquoise splat)   Put it's layer above the mask layer and

up where you can see the dots of it at the top of your image.


#9. Open element_53.png (sailboat)  resize 30%

Here's what mine looks like with all the elements on it

#10. You can either merge all visible layers or just keep them like they are.. Resize the whole image 88% sharpen once on the tube layer

 If you merge all the layers, right click on the top of image and COPY  if you leave them as separate layers.. then right click

and copy merged.

Then open your animation shop.  Paste as a new animation.  Open the two animations that was in the supplies zip

One had 18 frames... the other one had 26 frames.

Duplicate the one frame of your new animation you pasted from PSP till you have 18 frames.

select all frames in each of the 3 animations.

Click hold and drag F: 1 of the bubbles animation to F: 1 of your new animation.

Let go of mouse when you place it where you want.

do the same with the white glitter animation

Click, hold and drag F: 1 of the white glitter to F:1 of your new animation.

Check your new animation... to see if it looks ok.. if it does... then save as a GIF

do the same thing with the other animation..