Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Carita Creationz 'Butterfly Dance'

FYI... Crazy Carita kits are now same as Carita Creationz

I also used the beautiful art of ©Jennifer Janesko

License is # CDO-2339


EyeCandy 5/ Texture/ Texture Noise is used in the tutorial.



#1. Open element 16.png.. Shift + D to duplicate the image.. Close the original.

the duplicated one is now your working image.

go to Image/ Canvas size 900 x 900  Right side justify. Duplicate the dots and mirror

#2. Open the frame 13.png  resize 77%  Copy and paste it over to your working image

Copy and paste p1.jpg over to your working image below the frame layer..

Use your magic wand and click on the inside of the frame and select it..

go to Selections/ modify/ expand 10 pixels... INVERT

and cut on the paper layer.  Apply a 3d Drop shadow to the frame..

#3. Open the element  18.png  copy and paste it over to your working image below the red paper in the center..

Duplicate , flip and mirror... You might have to use the deformation tool to get the positioned just right.

Apply a 3D drop shadow on both of the fans after you position them where you want them.

Merge the two fan layers.

#4. Copy and paste the tube your going to use to the inside of the frame.. if you use the one I did. .resize her 80%

Merge the two dot layers and add a new layer to the bottom of the layer palette fill with white

Open element 24.png resize 80%  copy and paste to your working image  Sharpen once

place at bottom left.

#5. Open element 3.png resize 65% place the rose on top of element 24.png

Open element 49.png resize 50% duplicate and resize the duplicated one 65%

Open element 33.png resize 55%

#6. Open element 10.png resize 80%  duplicate... and put below the rose layer.

Open element 35. png resize 80%

Open element 34. resize 65%

Open element 41.png resize 70%

Open element 40.png resize 60%

Open element 23.png...

Open element 36.png resize 75% Don't forget all the 3D drop shadows on all elements, and also your copyright info for your tube.

#7. Open element 29.png..As you place these element on your image.. you will be able to tell what layer they

need to be on... whether below one or another.... Common sense here folks :)

At this time... I usually start merging layers... to make this all easier.. BUT... being there is going to be different layers with different effects on them

for animation.. you don't have to merge.. but you DO have to keep the layers straight... good habit is to

ALWAYS name your layers...learned that the hard way :) (YOU CAN MERGE DOWN ON SOME OF THE LAYERS..

TO KIND OF COMBINE THEM. Where there are not so many layers.)

#8. Ok you can go ahead and open your animation shop...yea you knew I couldn't do this with out animation  lol

Going to show you my layer palette.. and maybe it will help you see what I am doing..

What you need to have on its own layer is the lattice bow.. the fan layer and the dot layer...

I duplicate them all  twice so I have 3 layers of each of them..

This is gonna get confusing for ya... but just go slow and don't get flustered.. and you will make it

walk away from it for a few mins if needed..  :)  or stomp away like I do sometimes lol

This is why I am putting this tutorial in advanced section.

#9. OK now... to get the effect I wanted.. on the bows.. Use the noise effect in PSP

Random, Mono Chrome checked... 35%, 40% and 45% on each of the bow layers.


#10. After you apply the Noise effect  on the bow layers... put a 3D drop shadow on the bows.. using settings below..


#11. Use Eye candy 5/ Texture/ Texture Noise... These below settings then hit Random Seed button with the other 2 fan layers.

#12. On the dot layers.. Apply the Add Noise effect in PSP.. start with 25%, 30% then 35% on the 3rd dot layer.


I cropped the top of the image.. was too much white showing.. also resized all layers 88%.. then sharpened the tub layer once.

#13. On the layer palette.. you need to hide the 2nd and 3rd layers of the bow, fan and dot . Have everything else visible..

Right click on the top of image and COPY MERGE.. Over in animation shop you right click on the

desktop and paste as a new animation.  Back in PSP hide the top layers (lattice bow, fan, dot layer,

and UNHIDE the 2nd of their layers.. same again with the 3rd one..

Paste after current frame when you go to animation shop.

You end up with 3 frames to your new animation.

Check your animation.. to see if it looks right... no jumping etc..

if all is well Save as a GIF.


Toodles till next time