Scrapkit used for this header tag is  a PTU kit $1.00from Tiny Turtle Designs ' Burgandy Garden.

Artwork of ęBarbara Jensen is also used.. TheTube is out ofPkg 65 my license to use BJ3511


no external plugins used

I wrote this tutotorial usint Paint Shop Pro X 7. Feb 21, 2015.. Similarities to any other tutorials is purely coincidental


pu your mask into yout mask folder

All supplies are put in their folders in to documents/ Corel Paint Shop pro/17.0 or whatever version your using/Masks/ plugins etc etc.


open paper08 Right click on the paper's bkg layer on the layer palette. and covert bkg to layer.

Image/ canvas size 900 x 900 center justify.


Go to Image/load Mask from Disk/ Use the settings

below. Fit to layer, Source Luminance. Load it.. when applied Merge/ group.


After you merge the mask layers... duplicate the mask layer an position them like below.. copy znc paste the element82 frame on top fo them


colorize the bows using the settings below



Change to the  pink  corset.Change to the long hair. Copy and paste the girl tube on to your working image.



Open element 91. Copy and paste it on to your working image.Also Open Element 4.png  Copy and paste the bown flowers onto your working image.



Open paper 35 Copy and paste it to your working image. drag it's layer below the frame layer.

Use your magic wand to click on the inside of the frame layer to select it...

 INVERT the selection , making sure you are on the paper layer on the layer palette... cut/ or delet

Apply  3D drop shadow on the frame layer


Merge the two mask layers. Duplicate2 times. Use your magic wand to select some of the mask layer

Add noise 22% Random Monochrome on the top Mask layer.


Apply the noise on the 2nd Mask layer 20%Random Monochrome  Add noise to the3rd Mask layer 18%  Random, Monochrome (not pictured)


Duplicate the fancy face mask layer2 times.. use your magic wand tool

and select some of the rose on there Not solid... use the same setting that you used on the 3 masks layers.. noise at 22, 20 and 18%.


Add a new layer on top of all other layers.. and put your copyright info..

Hide all the Mask layers  except the top one...and hide all the face mask layers except the top one . Right click on the working image and copy merged... go to animation shop and right click on the animation shop's desk top and paste as a new animation.


After you add all the noise to the 6 layers..

. open Element 100 resize 26% Sharpen once apply a 3D shadow on it 2/2 blur7/80% black

copy and paste the dangle over to your working image.. make sure its layer is up at the top.

Duplicate the dangle 2 times where you have 3 layers. The first one should be straight down.

 Use the deformation tool and turn the second one to the left.

as you turn the dangles the correct way be sure to line up the top ovals right on top of each other.. they should stay stationary. as they swing.

Look t the finished tag above.

The 3rd dangle should be turned right...Sharpen all 3 of the dangles once.

on the layer palette...hide the bottom 2 layers of the mask layers... bottom 2 layers of the flower layer.. the 2 bottom layers of the dangle..

when your layer  palette looks like below.. right click on the top of your working image and copy merge


Open your Animation shop and right click on it's desktop  Paste as a new animation.

back to psp hide the first dangle and unhide the 2nd dangle, hide the first face mask layer

and un hide the 2nd face mask  hide the first mask layer and unhide the 2nd mask layer

right click on top of working image and copy merge over to animation shop and right 

click on your new animation and paste after current frame... do this one more time over

 in psp...hiding and unhiding... copy merge then over in Animation shop you paste

after current frame  select all frames by Ctrl + A right click and go to frame properties

and change from 10 to 25 speed...check your animation and see if it looks right.. if it does.. save as a GIF.. and your done...

toodles till next time..