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This tutorial is my own creation.. written May 6, 08.   

I used PSP 9 for this tutorial but you could use any version... with a few changes.. its a pretty easy tutorial...being animation is involved I'd say its for intermediate level.

I used Trina Clarks  oh so cute artwork... the Dressed Bunny & Flowers. You can purchase them HERE. They're only $1 each.. now that won't break ya will it? lol

I also created the polka dot bkg tile.. and plaid bkg myself... and also the bow.. and included it in the supplies zip..

There is the flower preset shape included, *I made it from a Ding Font*....put it in your 'my psp files/preset shapes' folder and a brush.. put those two files in your 'my psp files/ brush' folder or where ever you keep your goodies for PSP.


BTW.... you don't HAVE to use the bkg tiles and bow I supplied... you can use any papers, any tube, any bows you want.. this is just a sample.. you can do anything and make it your own...

1.  Start with a 600 x 600 new canvas.. can always resize/crop later. Click on your preset shape tool

2.  Find the flower preset that you would like to use. Click and drag out the shape... in the size you would like.. use the sample below to go by. Right click on the vector layer on the layer palette and convert to raster.. right click on that layer and rename to flower shape layer. Keeping your layers named really helps you keep them all straight.

3.  After you draw out your preset shape and convert it to raster. you should have two layers on your layer palette... the top one is the flower layer.. the bottom is a blank layer... fill this blank layer with ADD a new layer, this new layer should be between the white bkg layer and the flower shape layer... use either the brush I supplied... in the zip or any brush you would like.

    4. Have the  polka dot bkg tile that I had in the supplies zip OPENED on your desk top.. Set your foreground box to pattern.. and find the polka dot pattern... use this pattern to 'stamp' your brush design on this middle layer.. that's between the white bkg layer and the flower shape layer.  Yours should look like this below.. when done... you go around the flower shape as shown.

5. Making sure your on the flower shape layer on the layer palette...that its selected.. go to Selections/ select all... then Selections again/ float.. Selections/ INVERT. apply a 3D drop shadow on the shape as shown.. by inverting.. its not really a 3D shadow yet.. its a shading around the flower. Use the settings below.

6. Next INVERT back.. and this time apply a real 3D drop shadow on the flower shape. Use these settings below.

7. Go back to the same preset shape you used for the flower.. this time.. use black as the foreground color... and NULL/ transparent the bkg box.  Set your line style to small dash.. draw out your flower shape again.. making it a tiny bit smaller then the actual flower shape... see below..

8. Copy and Paste in a new layer.. the bow your going to use.. apply a 3D drop shadow to it.. I used these settings below.. place the bow where you would like..

9. Next I copied and pasted the flowers I used in a new layer.. applied the same 3D drop shadow.. as on the bow.. placed them over the middle of the bow.. after I got every thing positioned like I wanted I merged all the layers...

10. Duplicate the ONE layer that's there now... 2 times... so you have 3 layers in the palette...

11. Use your magic wand tool and select areas that you want to put noise animation on. I did her dress and the flowers. When you get your selection done.. start with the top layer *should have 3* and use the noise filter, settings below. On the next layer *middle* use 18% on the bottom layer use 20%.

12. Don't forget your copyright info and whatever you use to sign your tags..

13. Select the top layer on the layer palette and do Ctrl + C to copy it.. go to animation shop.. and right click on its desk top and paste as a new animation... go back to PSP and click on the next layer down... the middle layer.. Ctrl + C to copy.. then back to Animation shop and right click on your new working animation there.. and paste  behind current frame.. back to PSP and click on the bottom layer.. last one.. Ctrl + C to copy.. back to animation shop and right click on the second frame there and paste behind the current frame... Check your animation.. to see if it looks ok... that's this button to preview your animation... SAVE AS...a gif.. name your new animation... when the next window comes up.. like you see here.. click customize.

14. Use these settings below. SOMETIMES... you have to switch it to Optimized Octree... it depends on colors used etc.. You have to understand.. when you have that graphic over in PSP its 16 million colors or up to that.. when you save something in GIF format it can only be up to 255 colors.. that's a BIG BIG difference... sometimes the colors look really bad when you animate something.. for instance.. anything with a gradient. or flesh color... GIF settings really look awful. One of these days SOMEONE is gonna come up with a better way to save animations.. where the colors don't degrade..

Your Done..

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. till next time


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