I used the scrapkit Crazy Carita's 'Broken Dream' and the artwork of

ęBarbara Jensen (Moon Child close up tube)


I wrote this tutorial using PSP X6

Eye Candy 5 Textures/Textured Noise is used


#1. Open paper pp9.jpg Shift + D to duplicate the window.

Promote the bkg layer to raster. Apply the mask to the paper layer

Merge/ merge groups


#2.  Open Frame 13.png  resize to 85%  Copy and paste it over to your working image.

Open pp7.jpg resize 65%  Copy and paste it over to your working image

#3. Use your magic wand tool and select inside of the frame area.

Selections/Modify/ 10 pixels INVERT

#4. Highlight red paper layer and Delete or Cut

#5.Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame layer

#6. oppen element 29.png  copy and paste it over to your working image.. drag it's layer below the

red paper bkg.Use deformation tool set on Scale.. pull out the edges a lil to enlarge it.

#7. Resize the frame layer and the element layer behind it 85%

#8. Open your tube and resize her 85% use the eraser tool to erase her on the bottom hard edges


#9. Open element 25.png duplicate

Open element 9.png resize 75%  copy and paste it over to working image.

open 14.png resize 50% duplicate

open 16.png  resize 78%  duplicate

below you can see how I placed the elements.

 #10. Open element 23.png resize 80% Duplicate

open element 5.png resize 80%

Open 8.png resize 50%

#11. After I got all the elements on the image like I wanted I merged all layers except the mask layer resized the merged layer


#13. Now duplicate the mask layer 2 times.. so you will end up with 3 layers of it

Add a new layer and drag to bottom and fill with white.

Add your copyright info

#14. now on each of the mask layers apply the EyeCandy 5 Textures/ Texture Noise/Subtle Shadows..

on the basic tab set the brightness down to 16


#16. Each time you apply the plugin effect to each of the other 2 mask layers... just hit the random seed.

#17. By now... if your not sure on what to do...refer back to all million of my tutorials lol

Hide the bottom two mask layers.. have the top mask layer showing along with all the elements layer.

Copy Merged by right clicking on the top of image..

Open Animation shop  right click on its desktop and paste as a new animation..

Back to PSP hide the top of the mask layers and UN hide the 2nd one... Copy merged over to Animation shop and right click and paste behind current frame.

Last time over in PSP  hide all of the Mask layers except the bottom one and Copy merged.

over to animation shop and right click paste behind current frame.

 Check your animation.. Ctrl + A to select all 3 frames.. right click and go to animation properties and set the speed to 35.

Save as.. GIF..


Toodles till next time