Scrapkit used in this tutorial is Tiny TurtleDesigns' Brisk Winter'

Artwork of İVery Many is also used VMT_Artsyatheart  license to use.

Supplies (mask, snow animation & word art)

This tutorial was written in PSP X 6  Dec 29, 2016


#1. Open paper(1).jpg  I use this paper for the mask layer also for the background under the frame.

Shift + D to duplicate the paper image.. close the original. The copy is now your

working image...right click on its background layer and promote background layer... duplicate the paper layers.

hide the top copy of the paper. On the bottom layer apply the mask to the paper layer.

Merge/ merge group.. duplicate the mask layer and merge down the two mask layers

You should still have the paper layer hid Right?

#2. Open the winter frame 33.png (white round frame)  C & P it over to your working image.

Open gold frame 89.png (gold round frame colorize it using these settings

If you use any other gold elements that need to be toned down.. use these settings also.

#3. C & P the gold frame to your working image below the white frame

#4. Erase the part of the center of the gold frame where it won't show.

Then merge the two frames together.. the white and gold.  Apply a 3d drop shadow on the frame

v=0 h=6  opacity 75% blur 20  color black

#5. Use your deformation tool on the paper background that you have the duplicate of.

make it where it fits in the frame window.

go to Image / canvas size make it 850 x 850  center justify

#6. Add a new layer to bottom of layer palette and fill with white.

Use your deformation tool to pull out corners of the mask where you can see it all around

the frame.

#7. Open element(1)(poinsettia flower) colorize it using the settings below

Resize 75%  sharpen twice.  C & P over to your working image.

#8. Open element (14).png ( double gold snowflake) resize 75% sharpen.. use your deformation

tool to turn them.

Open element (110) (pink bird) use your selection tool point to point and delete the part below.. we just want to use the curls.

#9. C & P the curls under all the flowers and snowflakes  duplicate and use the deformation tool to turn them how you want them

#10. Open element (121) (pink Rose) resize 40%

C & P Over to working image.. Don't forget to apply your 3d drop shadows.

Open element(116) (plum rose) resize 30% place it below the pink rose then duplicate it mirror and flip

#11. Open element (5).png (spray)  resize 80%... C & P it over to working image.. duplicate and mirror.

Sharpen on both

#12. Open Rosebud.png  duplicate 2 times... position where you like..

Open element (47) lights  C & P on top layer.

Merge all layers from the frame on up...

#13. Merge all bottom layers below the frame on down. you should end up with 2 layers.

Resize all layers 88%

#14. Copy and paste the Brisk Winter word art to your top layers.

Hid the top layers just have the merged bottom layers showing.. Right click on the top of the window and


#15. Open your animation shop and right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation..

Open the Snow.mng  it has 10 frames.. duplicate the one frame from PSP till it has 10 frames also.

Click hold and drag F: 1 of the snow animation over to F: 1 of your new animation.. let go when you've

placed it over the rectangle of the scene that will be behind the frame.

#16. Check the animation.. if all is well continue on.

over in PSP hide the bottom layers and just have the top layers showing.. don't forget the copyright info for the tube.

#17. Right click and COPY MERGED.. Over in animation shop right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation... duplicate that one

frame till you have 10 frames... do like you did with the snow animation Select all frames and click , hold and drag F: 1 of the top layers

over to the working animation.. be sure not to let go of the mouse till you get it completely lined up the way it should go

#18. Check your new animation now.. if all looks well.. save as a GIF