Scrapkit used was Dee's Sign Depot's collab kit ' Booligans

Mask WSL_Mask141 used


#1. Open paper1.jgp  Shift + D to duplicate the image.. close the original the duplicate is now your working image

Right click on the paper's layer and promote background layer.

#2. Apply the mask that you saved in your mask folder to the paper using the settings below.

Merge/ Merge group

#3. Use your deformation tool to pull out the edges of the mask layer.. to enlarge it some.. Don't go past the edges of the image

#4. Open element 42.png   Copy and paste its layer over to your working image..

#5. Using your magic wand tool select ALL the windows in both of the haunted houses.

#6. Duplicate the hill/houses layer 2 times so you end up with 3 layers of it.

 on EACH of the houses layer apply EyeCandy 5 Textures/ Texture Noise to them using these

settings... hitting the Random Seed button the last 2 times

#7. Open element 34.png  resize 80% sharpen... Copy and paste it over to your working image.

Apply a 3D drop shadow on the text. on each of the house/hill layers too!!!

#8. Open Element32.png   resize 80%...

(note.. I used my magic wand tool to remove the white from around the witch and cat...)

 Use your selection tool to separate the cat from the witch.. put one on one side

at the bottom and one on the other side of the bottom on your working image..

(note.. I used my magic wand tool to remove the white from around the witch and cat...)


#9. Duplicate the cat AND the witch layers 1 time so you have 2 layers of them. Mirror one set of them.. THEN apply a 3D drop shadow on them in either

bright Orange or Bright Green   I put the shadow on the witch in orange the shadow on the cat in green.

Be sure to pay close attention to the witch that you don't have her too close to the sides or go over the sides

#10. Open your animation shop.

This is a lil tricky...  on how your put this one together... on the layer close attention on how your hide your layers.

your layers should look like this at first... Right click on the top of your image window and COPY MERGED

go to animation shop and right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.

Oh I forgot to tell ya.. add a new layer to your image.. fill with white  and drag the layer to the bottom of the layer palette.. I dont have this layer on this

next preview..

#11. Go Back to PSP

Below notice the other witch and cat layers are showing

the middle hill/houses

Right click on the top of the image.. COPY MERGED..

#12.  In animation shop  paste behind current frame...

back to PSP

#13. Right click and COPY MERGED.. Back to animation shop and paste behind current frame.. you should have 3 frames when done..

Ctrl + A to select all the frames... and right click on the new animation.. go to Frame Properties... set the speed on 25.. check your animation if it looks ok... Save as a GIF..


Toodles till next time