For this tutorial I used the PTU scrapkit 'BOO-Tang Time ' of Creative Intentionz

that blog is not there anymore... HERE is a direct download

come on now, its only a $1


I also use the artwork of ŠPinup Toons which you need to purchase and have

license to use. My License # CDO-2339

You can use any tube you like for this tutorial though.

The background that I used and the Boo word art is HERE

Mask  found at Insatiable Dreams  (6InsatiableDreams.jpg) Put this mask in your mask folder.

I used version PSP X6 for this tutorial.. will work for other versions also.

It would help if you had a working knowledge of how PSP works.

I use Xenofex 2/Electrify You can find it HERE

#1. Open the ciz_bootangtime_frame1.png element from the scrapkit.

 Name this layer FRAME.

Shift+D to duplicate then close the original. Go to Image/Canvas size/ 900 x 900. This window

will be called your Working Image from now on.

I start big then resize later.

#2. Open the background file  (BkgGraphic.jpg)  that was in the supplies zip.

From the layers palette drag it's layer over to your working image window. On the layer

palette be sure this bkg image is below the frame layer. See below. Drag out the edges of your working image window..

 where it shows  a lot of the gray around the window. Click K on your keyboard...your bounding box with pop

up around the bkg layer. Be sure on the tool options bar its set to scale then scale down the bkg layer till its

within the window like you like. Refer to mine below.

#3.  On the layers palette click on the frame layer. Choose your magic wand tool. Set to 20 tolerance,

feather 0 and mode is: ADD. Click on the center of all four frames. They all should be selected when done.

When they are.. go to Selections/Modify/Expand / 6 pixels  

 #4. Selections Invert.. make sure your on the bkg layer under the frame layer and click delete or cut.

That should cut off all the extra that's

on the outside of frames.

#5. Now resize the frame by going to Image/Resize/

If you notice when you resize.. there will be left over parts from the bkg image you cut..

#6. Just use your rectangle selection tool , select & delete them.

then center your frame layer.

#7. You can just do it by eye.. or go to Objects/Align/ horizontal center then vertical center.


#8. I  first used Paper #3 for the mask. You drag the paper layer over to your working image

Go to Layers/Load-Save Mask/Load Mask from disk. Find your mask on the drop down browse. As shown below.

#9. Use the settings below.

#10. After you apply the mask.. highlight the top layer mask and right click/ merge/ merge group

#11. I used a second paper layer, paper #7 Drag it over to your working image window.

Apply the same mask, same settings to that bkg paper.

Move them as shown below. I resized both layers 88%

I used the mummy element, PinupToon girl, Bow 6, Boo wordart, Boo Juice bottle.

I typed 'Too Much Boo Juice' with 0 Playground DNA font


#12. I've decided I will animate this tag.. soooooo now that you have your elements on there the way you want..

Merge all layers ABOVE the frame layer &  mask layer. 

You need to decide whether you want the bkg of your working image to be white..

or some other color.. and whether you want to put a frame around it.. I make everything into

a Incredimail letter first then make the matching tag...that's why I start with the bigger size image

 SO I think I will make the bkg to match this light purple paper I used for this tutorial.

I had made a seamless bkg tile of this light purple. So I added a new

 layer to our working image and moved it down to the bottom layer on layer palette.

Filled it with the light purple tile. Your layer palette should look like this below.

#13.  Duplicate your middle layer, the merged frame and mask layers.

Use your selection tool/Freehand selection/Point to Point. Have the Mode: to Add   Click and drag around each of the frames..

If you have probs with using selections.. refer to my tutorial HERE



#14. When you're done you will have all the  inter frames selected.

 Try not to include any of the frame area. Duplicate the frame layer twice,

so you have 3 layers of frames.

#15. Apply Xenofex 2/ Electrify plugin to the first of the frame layers

#16. On the second frame layer , go back to Xenofex 2 and

 keep all the settings same, now just click the RANDOM SEED button.

 Do this to the last bottom frame layer. Hitting the random see button.

You can select none after applying Xenofex 2  to all 3 frame layers.

Your layer palette should look like this.

#17. Now hide the bottom two frame layers click on the top of your working image

with every other layer showing.

Right click on top of image window,

Copy Merge, Open your animation shop and right

 click on it's desk top and paste as a new animation. Go back to PSP and hide the top

frame layer and unhide the next frame layer (middle one) right click on

top of image window copy merge. Back to Animation.. right click on your

new animation and Paste after current frame. Back to PSP, hide

the middle frame layer and unhide the bottom (3rd) frame layer ..make sure the top

elements layer is always showing and the bottom background layer too.

Copy Merge, back to Animation shop and right click and paste behind current layer.

You should have 3 frames to your animation. Click the check animation button

to see if all looks well. I resized mine in Animation shop.. Animation/ Resize animation

from the 900 x 900 to 750 x 750

 Save as .gif and your done!

if you have any questions.. just ask


Toodles til next time!