Scrapkit FTU kit by MizTeeque's ' Blue Xmas'

Artwork of ŠAlex Prihodko also used license #PFD_Swt59

Gemmask-193.jpg HERE

Put your mask in your mask folder so that PSP can see where it is.


(3 frames, 1 word art, 1 Snowflake window graphic)


#1. Open Frame2.png and Shift + D to duplicate, close original, the copy

version is your working image now.

#2. Resize the frame 86%, sharpen

#3. Image/ Canvas size 850 x 850 center justify

#4. Copy and paste miz_BX_paper12.jpg to your working image.

Be sure the paper is on the bottom of the layer palette.

#5. Apply the mask to the paper layer. Merge/Merge group..

#6 Copy and paste the Snowflake window on to your working image.. have it's layer UNDER the frame layer, but

on TOP of the mask layer..

#7.  Making sure you are on the frame layer on layer palette, Use your magic wand and click on the inside of the frame.

#8. Go to Selections/Modify/Expand 18 pixels, INVERT,   Highlight the snowflake tree window layer.Delete or Cut.

 All the extra outside the inside of frame

should be gone now. Unselect. 

#9. Duplicate the snowflake window layer once.. make sure you are on it's duplicated layer and go to

Adjust/Sharpness/Sharpen More, do this one more time (same layer) then set this layer's blend

mode to Luminance


#10. Open Miz_BX_element55.png   resize 35%  Shift + D to duplicate

#11. Flip & mirror, position as shown. Use deformation tool to turn the

curls the way they are below.. then erase the ends of the curls so they don't show.

#12. Open Miz_BX_element34.png    100% 

Use deformation tool to turn the bow like in the below capture. Might

have to Sharpen once.. usually with using the deformation tool or resizing it

will make it blurry

#13. Open these elements and resize

The word art 'Merry Christmas' that's in the supplies zip.    50%

#14. Don't forget your 3D drop shadows (V 3 H 3 Opacity 50% 9 blur, black)

Miz_BX_element29.png    50% Sharpen

Miz_BX_element4.png   13%

Miz_BX_element9.png    13%

Miz_BX_element51.png     60%

Miz_BX_element52.png     12%

Miz_BX_element58.png    50%

Miz_BX_element59.png     40%

Miz_BX_element60.png    30% mirror

Here is what mine looked like after I added all the elements

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial..

Toodles till next time :)