This tutorial takes an intermediate level of PSP knowledge...

HERE is the supplies for this tutorial. In the zip is the two flower tubes and a

pink block that can be colorized to what ever color you want it..

#1.  Make your new canvas... the size you need , have plenty of room to move around on..

you can always crop later.. this size depends on the length of your text....

Below I colorized the pink block to a blue. You can go to Adust/ Hue and Saturation/Colorize for that.

Using the transparent blocks you can line up your

 blocks, *You can also use your GRID... by going to View/Grid*

....alternating on how many you need for the word you're spelling out.

#2.  I put the two colors down that I was going to use... show above and

 then duplicated the layers to however many I needed.. like it shows below.

#3. Once you get the right amount of blocks.. and them all lined up straight... then merge all the block layers.

#4. Add a new raster layer and put your text on each block, using whatever font you want and whatever color you want...

that's all up to you. Once I got the letters on there and positioned them where I wanted them..

#5. I merged the text layer, the block layer and the white bkg layer,*didn't show how I did that.. assuming you do*

Open your flower tubes...This could be done to look any way you want.. but I alternated the blue and pink flowers.. on the blocks..

using opposite colors on each block. that merged layer with the blocks, text and background..

#6. I duplicated it in this sample 9 times.. so I would end up with 10 layers.. the same amount as my blocks..

then I duplicated the blue flower so that I had 5 layers of it... and then duplicated the pink flower

so Id have 5 layers of it... this is going to depend on what kind of look your going for..

and how many blocks you have...Hope you understand this...

#7. As you can see on the sample below, I X'd out or Hid all layers expect the bottom two layers..

* this is AFTER I drug each duplicate flower layer over to a bkg layer*..

#8. I started at the bottom.. and positioned a flower on the top left block over the letter..

merged the two.. then moved up unhiding the next two layers.. doing the same over and over...

till all blocks were done and all layers were merged correctly. When you have done that.. check it all

by unhiding each layer.. and seeing if the flowers move right.. not skipping any blocks.. etc..

you should end up with same about of layers as you have blocks...

#9. NOW if you want one set of blocks to not have any flower..

then you would have one layer MORE than the blocks you have..

it depends on how you want the animation to go.. if it starts with no flower then one appears..

then they start moving.. OR if you want a flower on the first block to start there then it start moving...

its up to YOU.. once you get all the layers like you want.. then SAVE AS animation shop (*.psp) type file then

#10. OPEN in Animation Shop.. you might have to adjust the frames... and such depending

on how you want the animation to work... I duplicated all frames myself..

and added to the end then reversed those duplicated frames.. that way my animation moved..

from left to right.. but  went to bottom and back to left.. like a loop... just experiment...FUN FUN!!!

#11. Here is the fill tile... I used to make this block.. you can use if you want to..

#12. I used.. my preset shape tool.. in a SQUARE with the materials palette set for the background to be this fill tile..

 and the foreground to be a brown.. and on a dotted line around...

While its still a vector layer you can adjust the shape of the block...

#13. I made my corners more rounded by grabbing a node on the corner and pulling down... making it split and form the rounded corner..

You can also adjust the size of the outline too if yours is too big or small.. while its in the vector mode...

#14. As shown below.. I used the DOT line style for my outline for my block.

#15. When you get it shaped and sized like you want.. you right click on the

 block's vector layer on the layer palette and  convert to raster layer.

#16. Below I duplicated the block layer to how ever many I needed for the text I was going to spell out..

 I was doing Welcome. With the dots around the blocks.. I kind of overlapped the blocks so that the

 dots only showed from one side of each block.. it looked funny with them butted up together with both lines showing..

#17. When you get the blocks in a straight line and all positioned right..

Merge visible all the blocks. Then copy and paste your flower tube on there..

this one works same way as the top blinkie sample.  Add a new layer,

#18. Type your letters on the center of each block * don't forget an inner bevel and/or a 3D shadow on your letters *

when done merge the letter , block and bkg layers...

Here is sample for inner bevel

Sample of 3D drop shadow

Merging the layers

# 19. This is done same way as the other blinkie.. you duplicate the merged bkg layer with the blocks and letters

on it to how ever many blocks you have... then you duplicate the flower layer to

how ever many blocks you have also. Drag a flower layer down on top of a bkg layer..

#20. Hide all the other layers but the bottom two... then position the flower on the first block...

merge visible.. then hide it.. and un X the next two layers... position the flower on the second block..

 so on and so on till you get them all done and merged.. you should end up with same amount of layers as you have blocks.

Showing moving up the layer palette.. doing same as above..

#20. You save it as an animation shop (*.psp) type file format then open in your animation shop and 

you might have to adjust the speed of the animation.. or reposition the frames

so that the animation moved like it should...SAVE AS a GIF.. and your done!!! Hope you enjoyed this tut..