In this tutorial I'll show you how to animate a blind effect.

It uses a plugin called Sandflower Specials , you can download it HERE

You access this plugin by using your Filters Unlimited  which is NOT a plugin in itself but you can

 view and apply certain plugin effects with it. Its like a utility, accessed through your

 effects/plugins in PSP . You can download Filters Unlimited 2.0 HERE.

You import the Sandflower Special plugins into it You can also use the plugin on its own

*You unzip both of these above into your plugins folder. Have your PSP closed and reopen for them to show up.

 When you go to EFFECTS/Plugins/I.C.NET software/filters unlimited. You might not see the Sandflower Specials on there..

 if NOT then you go to IMPORT and browse to your plugin files and find them. Mine automatically were able to be viewed by

Filters Unlimited when I put them in.. so maybe they will for you too.*

I am also including a zip file of the supplies you will need , you could use your own. But here is the frame and the Bear graphic I used.


Start with opening your frame and graphic tubes. Copy & paste the frame over on to the Bear graphic.

on the layer palette NAME your layers as to what they are...

NOT Shown but X out or hide your frame top layer, duplicate the bottom bear layer

 2 times so you will have 3 bear layers all together.  Starting on the top Bear layer *have it highlighted on layer palette*

Go to EFFECTS/Plugins/ find the I.C. NET software/filters unlimited,  the screen will

 look like the one below... see the SANDFLOWER SPECIALS  there on the left. Choose Design Blinds

 on the effects list.. Set your settings like the ones below EXCEPT the OPENING setting put it to 2..

 OPENING settings is the only setting that changes for all 3 bear layers. The top bear layer set it at 2..

 next one set it to 7 then the last bottom bear layer set it to 11..

 you'll see how this works once your in there, smaller the number the more closed the blinds are..

 duh :) Click OK.. understand your doing this to EACH of the Bear layers.


When thats done, Duplicate the Frame layer 2 times.. you now have 3 layers of EACH Bear and Frame..  put a Frame with each of the bear layers.. your palette should look like this below. merge/merge down with each of the sets *bear bkg and frame*

This is just another shot of Merge/Merge down each Frame and Bear layer.


You will end up with 3 merged layers, CHECK to see if they all look RIGHT  you know the blinds opening up with each layer... as you click on it.

SAVE AS AnimationShop (*.psp) when your done..


When  your in animation shop you open your newly saved bear blinds.. Ctrl +A to select ALL frames *layers are now called FRAMES in animation shop :)* go down to Frame Properties and slow your animation down.. 30 or so should do it..


Now here is something you don't have to do. but I wanted the frames to open and close smoothly..

 so I selected all three frames then right click and copy or go to EDIT/copy then click on the last

frame and PASTE after current frame. while the newly pasted 3 frames are selected I went up to ANIMATION/REVERSE frames..

You should have 6 frames now...

 click the preview animation button to check the speed and see if all looks good.

File/SAVE AS a gif

Here is the finished animation below.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial..

Toodles till next time!!! :)