I used the newest version of PSP.... PSP X6 for this tutorial.

 For the Text effect... I used my Photoshop CS3.

For this tutorial I used the PTU Scrapkit of Tiny Turtle Designs ' Black Pearls'

Most of her kits are 99˘

Really a wonderful bargain for such beautiful kits.

The tube I used is a PTU tube of İBarbara Jensen.

It's a bonus tube you get if you spend $10 on her tubes.

My License # BJ-3511

The mask I used is Wee Scotslass' mask WSL_Mask236  You can find it HERE

#1. First I used Element 215 from the kit.

 Resized it 60 %.  Go to Image/canvas size 900 x 900.

The element should be centered in the image.

Just hang with me... I realize this is BIG..

I always start off big.. and resize smaller... this way I can move things around,

arrange, etc before I resize everything at the end.

#2. Use MuRa's Filter Meister/ Copies using the settings below.  Depending on how you want

your circle to look as to what settings you use.... I wanted

 my elements touching... I set to 17 on top...this number might

have to be larger... just depends on how you do yours...Click OK

#3. Open the tube you want to use.. kind of needs to be a

 bust type.. or if you use the kind of tube that fits

inside the circle then you don't have to do this step below

#4. Place your tube above the circle frame you just made.

 I wanted to cut the bottom of the tube off,

but not her head of course.. So use your magic wand and select

 inside the circle frame, make sure your on the frames layer!

Select it as shown below, now INVERT the selection. Just erase the part

 of the tube where I show on the bottom...You can do this

on any tube... but this one particularly I didn't want her right hand erased.

#5. See below how it looks after I erase the lap over on the bottom

#7. Pick whichever paper you want and apply your mask to it..

 make sure its layer is on the bottom of the layer palette.

#8. I opened element 153, as seen below and colorized it using the settings you see..

#9. Then I went to Adjust/Brightness & Contrast/Curves and darkened the element as seen below.

copy and paste Element 153 to your working image.. drag its layer to the bottom on the

layer palette.

# 10. I put a 3D drop shadow on the girl tube. As seen below

I had it checked on the drop shadow window so that the shadow was on a

separate layer..(it doesn't show that in the capture, sorry)

 then erased that part of the shadow on the bottom, so it wouldn't

look odd..

#11. Use whatever elements you want on your tag... arrange them how ever you want.. see below

how I did mine... you know as you follow tutorials you do NOT have to follow exactly the way

it tells in the tut...Even from the beginning many years ago when I started using PSP I hardly

ever had my tag look exactly like the tut writer had hers.. Artistic License I think that's called  lol

#12.  The black pearl element in the kit, element 178

I resized it 15% and did it the same as on step #2.

it worked out great where the pearls were lined up on each

 of element 215's tip... I had to erase the one on top..

Reason being I had already merged all my elements by this time..

 and it was an after thought to add the pearls.. so their

layer was on top of the woman's tube instead of under it.

#13. Don't forget to add your copyright info on your tag...don't want to get in trouble huh :)


As I said above, I use Photoshop CS3 for making the style.

 HERE is a grunge bkg that you can use for making your own style OR

HERE is my style already made.

The style I made and most styles you find free on the web or

 buy are designed to be used with HUGE text.. after its

made and merged with a blank layer and saved as a PNG ,

THEN you can resize down to the size you need.

I started with a new image 10 inches (not pixels) x 5 inches

Text is 300 pt.

#1 Type out your word, then open your layer styles palette.


On the captures below is the settings I used to create my Black Pearls style.

You have to 'load' your grunge texture first before you can use it in the Layer Styles box.

Open your texture bkg on PS's desktop, go to Edit/load pattern. Click ok 

Now you can choose it in pattern overlay.








Once you use your style on your huge text.. add a new layer

 drag it to the bottom of the layer palette in PS.

merge visible, save as a png... you can resize it to the size you need now.

You should be done!!! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Toodles :)