Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from Amalie's Designs 'Delinda'

artwork of  ©Selisan Al-Gaib used.

This tutorial was written using PSP X 6. You need a working knowledge of PSP for this tutorial.

Supplies ( 2 animation files, Mask and word art in supplies zip

Sept 14, 2016

plugins used: Mura's copies.


#1. Open pp20.jpg   Shift + D to duplicate the image . Close the original the copy is now your new

working image.

Right click on the layer palette... and  promote background layer

apply the mask that was in the supplies zip using these settings.

#2. Go to Image/ rotate/ left

#3. Open element 119.png (brad) resize 65% copy and paste to your image it will by default put it in the middle of the image window.

Use Mura Meister/  Copies on the brad. Sharpen it when done

#4. Open element 105.png (Oval frame n flowers) Your image should look like below.

apply a 3D drop shadow on the brads v & H = 3 Opacity 70 Blur 9 black color. Use this shadow on element 105 also.

#5.  Add your tube now...Resize accordingly.

Open element 117.png  mirror. copy and paste it below the oval flower layer. drag to bottom right.

apply the same 3d drop shadow on it as the other elements

Use your erase tool to erase some of the bottom of the tube where it wont be so flat on the bottom.

Be sure to not put the ribbon too low where it goes off the edge of the image..

#6. Open element 130.png ( stack of heart boxes) resize 70% copy and paste below the ribbon layer.

Open element 123.png (bottle) resize 55% copy and paste above the stack of boxes.

Don't forget your 3d drop shadows.

Open the text file that's in the supplies zip and copy and paste it on to your image.

Move it's layer to the top of the layer palette.

Add a new layer and move to the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white.

Open element 71.png Go to image /rotate/ right and copy and paste it to your working image on top of layer palette.

it doesn't show  this on the capture because i forgot it till now :)

#7. Don't forget your copy right info... add a new layer and move to the top of layer palette and put the tubes copyright info on it

and adjust the opacity of that info.. so it won't jump out at ya. just so its readable..

#8. I resized all layers 88%  or what ever size you like...

#9. Right click on the top of your image.. and choose Copy merged..

Open your animation shop and right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.. this is the new animation your building from PSP


#10. open the two ani  .MNG files that was in the supplies zip

 The pink heart drop .mng animation is 27 frames.

so duplicate the one frame (new animation from PSP ) till you have 27 frames in it.. by

clicking the duplicate button 6 times will make 33 frames . You will have to delete a few frames till you have 27 frames.

Ctrl + A to select all the frames on all animations.

Click , hold and drag F:1 of the pink heart drop animation over to F: 1 of your new animation . let go of mouse when you've

placed it where you want... I put it on the small rose there close to top. then again on the large rose on bottom.. so two places.

#11. Click this button to check your animation so far to see if it looks ok. If it does continue.

On the pink dot float.mng.. it's got more than 27 frames on it... doesn't matter this time.. just select all frames

and drag F: 1 of the pink dot float over to F: 1 over to your new animation

check your new animation now.

if all looks well... Save as a GIF.