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Mask by Horseplays Pasture #34

Artwork of ©Sherri Baldy used  you must have a license to use.

Font used

This tutorial was written in PSP X 6.


#1. Open paper5.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate.. Close original, the duplicated window is now your working image.

#2. Right click on Background layer on layer palette and promote background layer.  Resize by 80%, UN check resize all layers

#3. Go to layers/load/save mask/load from disk... on the drop down menu find the mask your going to use..

apply the mask. Merge / merge group.

Use the settings below for the mask.

#4. Click K on the keyboard that should bring up your deformation tool... for PSP 9 click D on the keyboard

Set your deformation tool to scale.. pull out on the corners.. to enlarge the mask.


#5. Image/ canvas size 900 x 900 pixels.. we can resize it smaller later.

Duplicate the mask layer. put one up at top left.. one at bottom right.. don't get them

too close to the edges.. Add a new layer and move it to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white.

#6. Open the frame.png and drag its layer over to your working image.

Open paper6.jpg  resize 80%  Drag the bkg layer over to your working image.

Use the magic wand tool to select the inside of the frame area. Selections/modify/ Expand 5 pixels

INVERT  Cut on the paper layer.

#7.  apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame now.

#8. Open the tornpaper.png element  resize 80%  drag its layer over to your working image

Duplicate the torn paper 3 times , where you have 4 layers of it...

Placement below.

Note: If your image window is not big enough you might have to go to Image/canvas size/ 900 x 900  center justify.

#9. Add the tube your going to use to your working image.

Apply a 3D drop shadow to her and also the 4 layers of torn paper.

#10. Open the element limb.png drag its layer over to your working image..

use the deformation tool to move the limb on its middle axis.

Make it look like she's stepping on the end of the branch

#11.Open the element lilflower.png  resize it 50% drag its layer over to your working image. Duplicate it 3 times..

so you have 4 layers of the lil flower apply a 3D drop shadow on the flower and scatter them around on the branch.

#12. Open the ribbon.png element  drag its layer over to the working image.

also open Leaf1.png, Leaf2.png & Leaf4.png Now the Rose.png.. drag it over to the working image too.

place them like below.

#13. Type what text you want on your image.

Don't forget the 3D drop shadow.


#14. Save your image as either a .PNG with a transparent background or a .jpg. Compression set on 2.. that's in options on

the save as window.

Toodles till next time.