Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from Hania's Designs ' BzzzzzzzGirl'

Artwork of ©Stella used also . Exclusive tube sold at Hania's designs store

Supplies (animation, text art, & mask)

This tutorial was written by me.. Swheat Creations, May 14, 2016

using PSP X 6.


#1.  Create a new image  900 x 900 300 DPI..

Open element 98.png (rickrack frame ) copy and paste it over to new image.

#2.Open paper 02.png  resize it 80% drag it over to your working image.. below the rickrack frame.

Use your magic wand tool and click on the inside of the frame.. selecting the inside of it  go to selections

Modify/ expand/ 10 pixels  INVERT CUT or delete on the paper layer.. this deletes the extra paper outside of the frame area.

#3. Open element 94.png   copy and paste it over to below the paper and frame layers. Would be better if you NAME your layers now.

Open element 60.png (yellow flowers) copy over to your working image. Apply 3D drop shadow on the flowers

Open paper   02.png again... resize 80% copy and paste it over to your working image..

apply the mask to it that was in the supplies zip. Merge/ merge group. Use your deformation tool to pull the corners

of the mask out.. so that it enlarges it. Like it shows below.


#4. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the fencing layer.. using the below settings. Duplicate the fencing layer 2 times.. so you end up with 3 layers of it.


#5.  On the very bottom of the layer palette you should have a blank layer.. fill it with white.

Open element 90.png (house)  resize 60%  mirror.. copy and paste it to the top layer on your working image.

Open element 51.png (honey cones) resize 70% paste over to working image.

Open element 42.png (yellow spike flower) resize 50% mirror

Open element 91.png resize it 65%  put it under the frame.. where it looks like the sun.

#6. Resize ALL layers 88% now... then go to image canvas size 900 x 900 again..

fill the white bottom layer again with white so that its to the edges.

Open element 46.png (yellow rose) resize 40%  mirror, copy over..

Open element 23.png (yellow daisy) resize 80%  copy it over

Open element 05.png (brown flowers) resize 75%

Open element 34.png (bench) resize 60%

#7. Open the tube  Buzz girl 02.png    copy and paste her over to your working image.

Open element  76.png (bee) resize him 80%

Open element 01.png (bee)

Your image should look like the one below now.

#8. Notice I added the word art that was in the supplies zip.

Merge all the top layers from the fencing layer on up..  Then duplicate the fencing layer 2 times so you end up with 3 of it's layers.

#9. On EACH of the fencing layers.. apply Eye Candy 5/ Textures using the below settings

on the 2nd and 3rd layers of the fencing just click the RANDOM SEED button.

#10. When done applying the texture on all 3 layers of the fencing.. hide the two bottom fence layers and have all other layers showing.. Right click


open your Animation shop.. and right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation. Do this again with EACH of the  fence layers.. going

to animation shop and pasting after  current frame.. when you are done you have 3 frames on your new animation..  Ctrl + A to select all the frames..

Open the bee. mng animation that was in your supplies zip... it has 20 frames..

Duplicate the 3 framed animation from PSP till you have 20 frames also.

when they all have 20 frames.. Click , hold and drag F: 1 of the bee animation over to F:1 of your new animation.. don't

let go till you have placed it where you want it.. checking to see how it moves.. you might have to do this few times..

till you get it like you want it.

Check your new animation to see if it looks ok.. if so save as a GIF..


till next tutorial friends..