Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from Dee's Sign Depot 'Beauty Within'

ęBarbara Jensen's artwork also used 71-2

Must purchase and have a license to use.

# BJ 3511

WSL_Mask364  Mask used, put it in your mask folder

plugins used:

Eye Candy Textures/ Texture noise used

Richard Roseman/ Scan lines


SUPPLIES (Word art)


#1. Open paper_11.jpg.... Shift + D to duplicate it.. Close original. Image/ Canvas size 900 x 900 Center justify.

This is now your new working image.

#2. Apply the mask to the paper layer. Using the settings below. Merge/merge group.


#3. This is the paper after you applied the mask to it.

#4. Apply  the Carolaine-Sensibility/ Reflection plugin to your Mask layer.


#5. Now apply Richard Roseman/Scanlines to your mask layer

#6. Open Frame_2.png element Drag its layer over to your mask layer.

Colorize the frame using the settings below.

#8. Using the deformation tool pull out the edges of the mask layer.. where it shows above the frame and below.

#9. Open paper_1.jpg and drag its layer over to your working image.

Make sure its layer is below the frame layer.

#10 Use your magic wand and click on the center of the frame (have the frame layer high lighted on the layer palette)

#11. Go to Selections/Modify/ Expand 10 pixels INVERT and cut/delete on the paper layer.

it should look like below

#12. Drag your two tubes to your working image. The close up is put under the frame layer, (mirror it ) use deformation tool to scale it

smaller.. where it fits in the frame. The full length one on top of the frame layer.

#13. open element5.png and erase the outside rose.

drag its layer over to your working image window.

Open element 15.png resize 50%  duplicate

Open element_34  resize 60%

Open element_36  rotate right..

Open element_24  resize 60%

Open element_47 .png  resize65%

#14. Add a new layer  fill with white... drag its layer to the bottom of the layer palette.. HIDE this white layer AND the mask layer by clicking the Eye

Merge visible all the other showing layers.. Resize them 87%

unhide the white bottom layer and the mask layer move the merged layer up some.. but watch the mask layer that it don't touch the top of the window.

Now you have room on the bottom to put the Text art that was inside the supplies zip. Open the text art and resize 13%

Drag its layer over to your working image.

Open element 51b.png resize 50%

Open element 66b.png  resize 45%

Your image should look like the one below.

#15. Duplicate the Mask layer 2 times where you have 3 layers of it.

Your layer palette should look like below.

#16. Apply Eye Candy 5 / Textures/Texture Noise

on the settings tab click on Dot Noise

On the Basic tab use these settings below

#17.ON the next 2 mask layers use same setting but click the Random Seed Button each time..

have your layer palette look like this.. Copy Merged at top of image

#18. Open animation shop.. right click on its desk top  Paste as a new animation

back in PSP have your palette look like this

Right click and COPY MERGED

#19 in Animation shop paste behind current frame

in PSP have your palette look like this... Right click on top of window  COPY MERGED

#20 IN Animation shop  right click and paste behind current frame.

Check your animation.. if all looks well... Save As a GIF


Toodles till next time