Kit used for this tutorial is a PTU kit from Tiny Turtle Designs. 'Julie kit'

The beautiful tube used is from ŠNocturne at Pics for Design store.

Must purchase and have a license # to use.

Mine is #PFD_Swt59

This tutorial was written using PSP X6

Supplies (2 mng files/ masks and word art)

Masks are WSL_Mask141 & DD_AssortedMask1


#1. Open paper 14.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the window.

Close the original paper , the duplicate is now your working image.

Right click on the paper's layer and promote background layer.

#2. Go to layers/load/save mask/ load mask from disk.. Find the first mask DD_AssortedMask1.jpg

apply using the settings below... Merge/ merge group.

#3. Open the same paper 14.jpg  copy and paste it over to your working image.

#4. Now apply the 2nd mask:  WSL _Mask141.jpg to the paper Merge/ merge group

Your layer palette should look like the one below... 2 layers of mask.

the imge should look like the one below.. you can merge both mask layers.

#5.  Open the frame element 77.png  Use colorize to re color the frame using the settings below.

#6. Copy and paste it over to your working image.

Open paper 33.jpg  resize 75% copy and page it over to your working image.. below the heart frame..

#7. Use your magic wand and click on the inside of the frame.. selecting it.. go to selections/modify/expand 10 pixels..

INVERT the selection.. and CUT on the paper layer.

select none. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame

#8. Open the tube you're going to use.. if you use the same one as myself.. resize it 90%

Sharpen once.. Copy and paste it to your working image.. apply a 3d drop shadow on the tube..

#9. Open element 95.png resize 80%, Copy and paste over to working image below the frame layer.

Duplicate and mirror it.

Open element 43.png resize 80% copy and paste it below the girl tube.. duplicate and mirror..

Your image should look like below

#10. Open element 51.png  resize 80% Image/ rotate right.. copy and paste it over to your working image

Duplicate and mirror. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the flower clusters.  Go to image/ canvas size/ make it 900 x 800.

Add a new layer on the bottom of the palette.. and fill with white... make sure you leave enough room on the bottom

so that you can put the text art that was in the supplies zip... I had to use the eraser tool to erase part of the bottom of the tube...

so that it would blend.

#11. Open element 84.png resize 80%  copy and paste it over to your working image..

Duplicate and mirror.

#12. Try to get the trees placement the same on both sides..

apply a 3d drop shadow using the below color and settings.


#13. Open image 93.png reize 40%   Copy and paste over to your working image.

Colorize using below settings

#14. Use a 3d drop shadow same as the previous one.. except use black for the color..

Merge all the bottom layers together.., scatter, sm leaves... everything from the heart frame down... merged..

#15.Hide that merged bottom layer and Merge visible all the top layers.. that's above the frame

I had previously made a brush with the tube's artist's copyright info.. I do that with all license artists.. so I can use the brush

as a stamp for all tags I make.. that way all you do is 'stamp the copyright info on to a tag.. I put the copyright info..

on a new layer.. that way I can bring down the opacity on that layer... I hate to see people's copyright info the first thing that

jumps out at me... its not suppose to be that way...just so it's big enough to see and read...

Open the beautytext.png that was in the supplies zip... copy and paste it to the bottom of the image.. Be sure when you're moving

the text do not tet the bottom of the 'y' too close to the bottom where it gets cut off..

Merge down to the top merge layers layer.

this is what my layer palette looks like now.  Now is good time to resize the two layers. I used 88% on mine.

#16. Hide the top merged layers.

 just have the bottom layers showing..


Right click on the image and COPY MERGED

#17. Open your animation shop  Right click on the A.S. desktop and paste as a new animation.

Open the two mng animation files that were in the supplies zip... both have 24 frames to them..

Duplicate the single frame animation from PSP till you have 24 frames also...

We do this like we always do.. Click, hold and drag F: 1 of the circlewhitesparks.mng over to F: 1 of your animation from PSP over to where you want it..

I put mine at the top of the heart frame where her head is going to be..If you get it positioned wrong just undo and do again..

Now go back to PSP and hide the bottom merged layers and un hide the top merged layers.. right click on the top

of the image and COPY MERGED.. OVER to animation shop and right click on its desk top and paste as a new animation..

Duplicate the one frame till you have 24 frames like the other..

Ctrl + A to select all the frames on all animations... Click hold and drag F: 1 of the top layers animation over to

your working animation. get her positioned just right... notice the bottom of the 'Y' so you don't have it too close to the bottom.

#18 Check your animation and see if it all looks ok.. Make sure you have all frames selected on the purple dot .mng and your working animation..

Click , hold and drag F: 1 of the purple dots over to F: 1 of your new animation..

Check the animation and see if all is ok.. and it doesn't skip.. or do something weird.. if it does Start over!!!

If all is ok.. Save as a GIF.

Toodles till next time friends.. Have fun creating..