Scrapkit used in this Tutorial is from Dee's Sign Depot ' Beautiful Day'

Artwork of Very Many ' Josphine HERE


Plugin used: penta/ Jeans

Font Used IMPACT

#1. Open paper 2.. resize 21%   Shift + D to duplicate the paper... close out the original..

Go to image/canvas size  900 x 900 (you can resize later) This is now your working image.

apply the mask to the paper layer... Duplicate the mask layer  put one up at 11 oclock on your working image and one at 5 oclock position.

#2. Open element DD_BD_Element 28.png frame  Resize 80%. Copy and paste it over to your working image window

#3. apply a 3D drop shadow on the round frame  V2 H2  50% black  10 Blur.


#4. Use you magic wand and click on the inside of the frame. Make sure you are on the frame layer on you layer palette. Go to selections/modify / expand 6 pixels.. The tube of the girl when you buy it..

 it comes in .psd format.. with a close up of her face.. you copy and paste or drag her layer over to your working image.

Position her face in the middle of the fame.. it should still be selected.. INVERT the selection and besure you're

on the on the girls close up pic layer... hit the delete button or delete on keyboard... that should get rid of the extra on the outside of the fame.

See Below

#5. Unselect.

#6. on the close up face layer apply the Penta/jeans plugin on it..

using the settings below..


#7.  Copy and paste the full figure of the girl to your working image. Mirror her image.. and resize he68%

You need to leave enough room at the bottom for the text effect.

Type out your words with the font Impact in capital letters. change the text to a raster layer. I used this color for the letters #6fb3d3

Select all and Float and defloat the text.. go to selections/modify expand 4 pixels.

Add a new layer below the  blue text layer and fill with white.. if you just used white in your foreground box it will not look right..

on the blue text layer add noise of 10% Random/Monochrome. Apply your 3D drop shadow on the white text layer.

Now you can start adding all your elements to your tag.






ELEMENT25.PNG  I recolored... using the settings below.


Element 11.png put this on topof the text.

Element 49  I recolored it same as the blue bow.

just add what elements you'd like to add... refer to my finished project up at the top of the tutorial.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial... Toodles till next time