Scrapkit I used for this tutorial is KCBarrow.. ' Beautiful Autumn'

Tube of ©MichiArt also used

Must purchase and have a license to use.. mine #CDO-2339

Supplies (Frame and animation)

DD Fall mask 1

This tutorial was written in PXP 8 Sept 5, 2015


#1.  Open the frame that came in the supplies zip..Shift + D to duplicate, Close the original.

This duplicate is now your working image, resize it 80% then go to image/ canvas size 900 x 900 Center justify.

#2. Open pp15.jpg paper...drag its layer over to your working image, below the frame layer.

Apply the DD_FallMask 1 to the paper..

using the settings below

#3. Merge/ Merge group. Use the deformation tool to pull out the corners of the mask layer.. to enlarge

#4. Bring the frame up to about 11 o'clock if that makes sense :)

#5. Open up paper PP4.jpg... drag its layer over to your working image...position it below the frame layer.

 use your magic wand on the inside of the frame area.. it will be selected.. go to selections/ Modify/ expand 10 pixels..

INVERT and cut.. on the dotted paper layer.

#6.  Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame.. your image should look like below.

#7. You can start adding all the elements your going to use on this tag..

for the 3D drop shadow on all the elements use V3 H3 Opacity 67, blur 7 black

on each one.

open the Michi Art tube resize her 80%

Open flower3.png  resize it 20%

Flower4.png  resize 25%

flower7.png resize 17%

flower9.png  resize 20%

leaf 1.png  resize 20%   duplicate

Leaf 3.png  resize 15%  duplicate

#8. Use your curves to darken the  Leaf 3

#9. Open the hello autumn sign and resize 55%

Open Feather.png resize 20%  duplicate and flip

Open the wordcard.png  resize 30%

#10. Add a new layer and drag it to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill it with white.

don't forget to add your copyright info..

#11. Merge your layers as shown below. Keeping the frame on its own layer... Duplicate the frame layer 2 times so you will have 3 layers of it..


#12. Apply a noise effect on each one of the frame layers hitting the random seed button each time..

#13. This part you should know by heart...hide the 2nd and 3rd layers of the frame.. have all other layers showing..

Right click on the top of the window.. COPY MERGED.. Over to Animation shop... first open the leaf animation that was in your supplies zip

 Right click on the AS desktop.. and paste as a new animation...

Back to PSP hide the top frame layer and UN hide the 2nd frame layer.. and have all the other layers showing..

Right click and COPY MERGED.. back to animation shop and  right click on your new animation  paste behind current frame..

Back to PSP..  hide the 2nd frame layer.. and UN hide the 3rd frame layer.. have the top merged layers showing and the bottom maskmerged layers

showing also Right click on the image top and COPY MERGED  over to animation shop and right click on the new animation and

paste behind current frame... you should have 3 frames to your new animation.. Check them and see if all looks ok

Ctrl + A to select all the frames.. duplicate the frames on your new animation.... to the same amount of frames that's on the

leaf animation you have open too... it has 21 on your new animation.. duplicate the frames  till you have 21 frames.. Ctrl + A to select

all the frames on EACH of the animations... Click mouse, HOLD and DRAG F: 1 of the leaf animation.. over to F: 1 of your new animation . do NOT let up

on the mouse button till you have the leaf placed exactly where you want it. Check the animation by clicking this button

if it misses a frame.. or dont look right.. just UNDO.. on both of the animations and try again!!!

When all looks right.. SAVE AS a GIF.. your done!!!!


TOODLES till next time