Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from A Space Between ' Proud and Beautiful'

Artwork of ęBarbara Jensen also used. You must purchase this tube

from her store and have a license to use.. mine is BJ-3511

Supplies (mask, sparkle animation, and Beautiful Angel Text)

Xenofex 2/ Constellation is used for this tut..


#1. Open  frame 66.png  Shift + D to duplicate. close original go to Image/ Canvas size  and make it 900 x 900  Center justify.

#2. Open paper 7.jpg  resize 80%  drag its layer over to your working image.. below the frame layer.

#3. Apply your mask that was in the supplies zip , using the settings below.

#4. Merge/ Merge group... duplicate your mask layer once.  Position like below.. also  I colorized the 2nd mask layer.

Using the settings below.

#5. I used curves to lighten the mask layer.

#6. Using your magic wand tool click on the inside of your round frame to select it..

Go to selections/ modify/ expand  10 pixels. INVERT selection...Open paper 8.jpg copy and paste it over to your working image

Have it layer below the frame layer.. CUT on the paper layer..this is the background behind the frame

#7. Open 65.png resize 75%

Open 18.png resize 75%

Open 28.png  put it's layer below the other flower layers

open 55.png resize 75% duplicate resize the duplicated one.. 75%

Open 58.png resize 60%

Open 52.png  erase the long tail... resize 85% duplicate  mirror and flip the duplicated one.. put the bows

layers below the flowers. See how I position them all below. Don't forget all your 3D Drop shadows.

#8. Open element 33.png resize 85% .. and have its layer above the flowers

Open the Beautiful Angel Text art.. resize it 20%

Copy and paste it to your working image... don't forget your copyright info for your tube..

Add a new layer.. and fill with white.. move it down on the bottom of the layer palette.

Merge all the top layers... Merge down the two mask layers   have the white bkg layer to itself

Duplicate the mask layer...2 times.. so you end up with 3 layers of the mask...

Apply Xenofex 2/ constellation to the top of the mask layers.. using the settings below..

 on the other two mask layers.. use these same setting but hit the random seed button each time..

 ok hide the 2nd and 3rd mask layers and all the other layers showing.. Right click on the top and COPY MERGE..

OVER to animation shop.. right click and paste as a new animation..

over in psp.. hide the top of the mask layers and UN hide the middle mask layer... have all other layers showing..

COPY MERGE.. Over to animation shop.. Paste behind current frame.. do this again in PSP... hide the middle mask layer..

have the last or bottom mask layer showing and all other layers...  COPY MERGE.. GO back to animation

shop.. and paste behind current frame.. you end up with a 3 framed animation... check and see if it looks ok..

Open the MNG animation that was in the supplies zip.. it has 21 frames...

Duplicate your 3 framed animation till it has 21 frames... by clicking the duplicate button 5 times..

Select all frames on both animations... drag F: 1 of the mng  animation... to F: 1 of your new animation.. from PSP.

let go of mouse when you position the animation where you want it.



Check your new animation and see if it looks right.. if all is well.. Save as a GIF

Then you should be done!!

Toodles till next one gang...