Scrap kit used for this tutorial is from Bella Caribena's 'As Beautiful as Bereta'

Artwork from ŠAlex Prihodko also used License to use PFD_Swt 60

Supplies ( Mask, 2 Animation files)

Plugins used: EyeCandy 5/ Impact/ Glass effect used

This tutorial was written using PSP X 6 , Any version will work though with small changes.

July 29, 2016



#1. Open Paper (2).jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the image.. close the original the copy is now your working image.

Right click on its layer and promote the background layer.  Apply the mask (Vix_BigMask001.jpg)that was in your supplies zip to the paper 2

to the paper using the settings below.  Merge/ Merge group/


#2. Now duplicate the mask layer. Go to image/ Canvas size 900 x 900 Center justify. Position them like below.

Add a new layer to your image on the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white.

#3. Copy and paste Paper (3).jpg over to your working image.

#4. Use your circle selection tool  Pull out a circle on top of the pink paper.

Hold down the shift key so that the circle is a perfectly round. Go almost

all the way to the edges of the paper.

#5. While the circle is still selected hold down the Ctrl Key and pull out a 2nd

circle (we're making a frame) starting a lil off center... so that one side of the frame is

not quite as thick as the other side.  Let go of mouse.. making this might take some practice.. you might have to do

it a few times to get it to look like you want.. when the frame is selected like below.  You invert the selection the hit the delete key.

#6. it should end up looking like this below.  Select none.. then select all  / float/ defloat..

#7. then use Eye Candy 5/ Impact/ glass on the frame use these settings below

Basic tab

Lighting tab

#8. This is how it should look when you get the frame made.

#9. Colorize Paper(4).jpg using these settings  then go to  Effects/ Edge Effects/ enhance once.  Copy and paste this paper below the frame   you just made.


#10. Use your circle selection tool and make a selection a lil larger than the inside of the frame.. Invert and cut on the paper layer.

#11. Your image should look like below

#12. Open the tube your going to use.. if you have a close up of the tube use it...

if you use the same one as me.. just use the top part of her.. don't resize her.

#13. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the tube using these settings above... color is # 9b2554

#14.  Open element (99).png (tri roses)   Copy and paste it to your image bottom.

Open element (91).png resize 80%  Duplicate and mirror.

#14. Open element (81) png  (cluster) put it's layer below all the flowers.

Resize ALL layers 88%   

Open element (82).png (pink  bow) put its layer on the top of the layer palette.

Don't forget all your 3D drop shadows.

Open element (76).png (pink Bow) resize 75% move this layer to the top of the layer palette.


#15. Open element (107).png (sparkles)  resize 45%

Open element (93).png (flower stem) resize 80%

put its layer below the other flowers.

Open element (63).png (glowing fairy bottle ) resize 45%

Add the copyright info for your tube now.  Put it on it's own layer so that you can bring the opacity of that layer low.

#16. Merge all the top layers from the Frame on up.

then merge all the layers from the round bkg behind the frame to the white bkg layer.

So you should end up with 2 layers on your image.

#17.  Hide the top merged layers  just have the bottom merged layers showing.

Right click on top of your image in PSP and click COPY MERGED.

#18. Open your animation shop and right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.

Open the dropping hearts.mng that was in the supplies zip.  Notice it has 20 frames...Select all the frames

Duplicate the one frame on your new animation you pasted from PSP, till you have 20 frames also.

Drag F: 1 of the dropping heart mng over to F: 1 of your new animation. let go of mouse when you have placed it where you want.  I cover the circle paper

that's below the frame... you will have to do this  some more times.

It's not necessary to cover all of the round circle background.. cause part of it are covered with the tubefrom the top layers..  you might have to undo a few times

till you get all of them placed right.  Be careful NOT to have the hearts go from under the frame or it wont look right.


#19. Once you get all the hearts on... go back to PSP and hide the bottom layers and just have the top layers showing.. (with tube) Right click and copy merged

back to animation shop and paste as a new animation.  Duplicate the one frame till you have 20 layers like your working animation.

Click, hold and drag F: 1 of the top layers animation over to F: 1 of the bottom layers and dropping hearts animation.

at this point Check your animation to see if it all looks ok.. if its ok.

Open the pink swirl mng animation that was in the supplies zip.  It has 20 frames... so Ctrl +A to select all of it's frames.

Click hold and drag Frame: 1 of the pink swirl mng over to F: 1 of your new animation . Don't let go of mouse untill you have placed the animation where you want it.

Check your animation if its all ok... Save as a GIF.

Your done!!

Toodles till next time