Scrapkit used for this tutorial is by Amalie designs ' Beach Trip'

Artwork of  ©Caren Vinson is also used

Supplies (mask and 2 MNG animations)

May 8, 2016

PSP X 6 was used.


#1. Open element 57.png (preserver)   Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close the original the copy is your

working image now. Go to Image/ canvas size  900 x 900 center justify.

apply 3D drop shadow on the frame change the black color to #2c506a

#2.  Open paper 4.jpg  Copy and paste over to your working image below the preserver layer.

Apply a mask to the blue paper.. either one you want or the one that was in the supplies zip.

#3.  Merge/ merge group.

.Use your deformation tool to pull out the edges of the mask.. not too much don't get

too close to the sides.

 duplicate the mask layer and merge the two together.

#4. Add a new layer to bottom of layer palette and fill with white.

#5. I'm going to tell you which elements to open...resize etc.. it's a given that you copy and paste them over to your working image.

Open paper 7.jpg  copy and paste it below the frame layer, use your deformation tool to pull in the edges of the paper

to make it smaller . Erase up at the top of the paper.. where its showing.

 Open element 61.png (blue lighthouse)  resize 65%

#6. Open element 100.png  resize 40%  apply a 3d drop shadow use same settings as in step #1

Open element 14.png resize 30%

Open element 13.png

Open element 32.png resize 27%

Open element 87.png  resize  25%

open element 89.png resize 20%

Open element 75.png

Open element 39.png resize 30%

open element 54.png 

Note: do you know you can drag an element to the layer palette and it adds it to your working image.. you don't have

to copy and paste...

Open element 9.png  resize 25%

Open the tube your going to use and copy and paste over.. Don't forget all the drop shadows..

Open element 51.png resize 25%

Open element 83.png resize 40%

This is what mine looks like after adding all the elements and such


#7. Merge all the bottom layers , it should look like below.

#8. Now merge all the top layers like below

#9. on your layer palette you now have 2 layers... top merged layers and bottom merged layers

resize both layers 88% Sharpen once n the top layers


#10. Hide the top layers and right click on the image and COPY MERGED

Open your animation shop and right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation.

Open the two mng animations that was in the supplies zip.  They both have 16 frames to them

On your new animation you pasted from PSP  duplicate its layer till you have 16frames too.

Ctrl + A to select all frames on each of the animations.

Click, hold and drag F: 1 of the bubbles animation to F: 1 of your new working animation.

Check the new animation to see if the bubbles looks right.

#11. Back to PSP  hide the bottom merged layers and just have the top merged layers showing..

right click on the top of the image window an choose COPY MERGED.

back to Animation Shop  Right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation (this is the top layers)

Duplicate the top layers animation till you have 16 frames... Ctrl + A to select all the frames..

Click, hold and drag F:1 of the top merged layer animation over to F: 1 of your working animation.

Don't let go of the mouse button till you have placed it where it needs to go.. lining it up perfectly.

Now Ctrl + A selecting all frames on the crab animation..

Click, hold and drag F:1 of the crab over to F: 1 of your working animation.. don't let go of mouse till you position

crab where you want it.

Check your animation... if all looks well...

save as a GIF..


toodles till next tutorial