I remember many times in the beginning how overwhelmed I was with PSP. My mind could NOT grasp the concept of LAYERS!!!

I did many many tutorials, day after day, hour by hour *G* and then one day... DING the light went on.. OHHHHH Now I get it!!!

 So never give up, just keep plugging away. This tutorial is a very BASIC tutorial on making a simple tag.

Here we go... I have a zip of the tube I used but you can choose any of yours that you want.

The tube I used for this example was from a tube group share

Texturizer filter

*unzip the filter into your PLUGINS folder*

Filters and plugins are same thing

I have had students in my PSP workshop innocently ask WHAT is a tube? To put it in simple terms..

its just a graphic picture with a transparent background. Makes it so much better when

 you want to put different 'tubes' together on the same canvas. Remember to always put

 everything on its ON layer, that way you can move them around the canvas separately or apply an effect just to that tube on its layer.

Think of a layer like this.. in a painting.. when you paint something you don't start with the

 foreground painting it first.. you'd start with the sky... and move forward.. the distant trees..

 closer trees.. farm house... tree in the foreground.. then flowers.. You build on your PSP canvas same way..

 well your PSP canvas is much more forgiving.. YOU can ALWAYS

 hit the UNDO button THANK GOODNESS for that!!! I've used it MILLIONS of times *S*

I guess I'm considered a advanced user of PSP but still gotta have that UNDO button.. :)

Open your tube I supplied or start with a 400 x 400 new image.. Then copy and paste you

r tube into your canvas. If you use the tube I used, then hit shift +D and duplicate the tube window and

close out the original.. that way if something drastic happened you'd not loose the original tube

 and trust me this happens.. I'm speaking for experience *blink*

Working in PSP you will have your Layer Palette open ALL the time.. cause its used in every step you do.

Below is the tube on the left and the layer palette on the right. There is only ONE layer there right now.

You click on the tube layer on the Layer Palette, right click and RENAME it to what ever it is to remind you. I named mine children.


Either on the layer palette click the button show where the arrow is pointing. its ADD A LAYER button..

 OR go up to Layers/Add a new raster layer. In PSP you will learn there are usually at least 3 ways of getting

the same results.. we develop the ones in time we like best...I still do this to this day.. find a tutorial I want to do and 'ADAPT' it to MY way :)

OK OK I tend to get wordy here :) ADD A NEW LAYER..

On the Layer Palette right click on the new raster 1 layer and RENAME it BKG.

 Now point to the raster layer and DRAG down below the children tube layer.. this is something you will do A

LOT.. is move layers..

Your Layer Palette should look like the one below.


You always always have to make sure when your wanting to apply some effect to a layer

 have the RIGHT layer HIGHLIGHTED or selected on the Layer Palette. Cant tell you how

 many times I had to UNDO what I just did cause I did it to WRONG Layer :)

Now highlight the TUBE layer, or children in this case and go to EFFECTS/3d effects/Drop shadow

 and apply these settings to it.. Below is the drop shadow window.

On your Layer Palette your tube layer/children still should be highlighted RIGHT click and go up to DUPLICATE.

You know have 3 layers on your layer palette.. two children/tube layers and the one background layer..

 We did this cause we want to HIDE or X out the top children/tube layer and apply an effect on the

bottom tube layer... this will make a cute backdrop for the tag were making. Your layer palette should

 look like this below. See the EYE on the left of the layers name.. click it and it makes an

X there which means your hiding the layer.. and cant see it..

Select or highlight the bottom children/tube layer  on your layer palette as shown

 below and go to EFFECTS/Distortion effects/Twirl.


Use these setting below on your TWIRL.

On the layer palette UN HIDE your top children/tube layer like shown below. Your layer palette

 and your canvas should look like this if all was done right :) Remember UNDO button.

Now on the layer palette highlight/select the background layer and you can apply a texture

 effect IF you want to .. don't have to though.

I've included this texturizer filter in a zip.. Set to these settings below if you use it.

Now your done so go to LAYERS/Merge All (flatten)

FILE/ SAVE AS a jpg file format.. Below is the finished tag.. woo hooo

Here is ONE more option on the backdrop behind the tube instead of using the TWIRL like above I use the Mosaic-Antique.

 Set to these settings below.

Finished tag below.. Quite a bit of a different look.. just by changing the style of the backdrop behind the tube.

Merge all and save as like the above tag. You can now add a name or words on your newly made tag..

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial...


till next time!!!!