Scrapkit I used for this tutorial is from Crazy Carita's ' All About Christmas'

Tube used is ęBarbara Jensen's  you can find it HERE


#1. Open pp8.jpg ... Shift + D to duplicate the window... Close the original,  the duplicated window is now

your working image... Right click on the background layer on the layer palette... promote to background layer

then go to image/ canvas size  850 x 850  Center justify. Apply the mask to the bkg layer.

Using the settings below.

#2. Merge/ merge group.. Your image should look like below..

#3. then go to image/ canvas size  850 x 850  Center justify.


#4. Open element 15.png  resize 80%  Drag it's layer over to your working image.

then open pp9.jpg paper and drag its layer over under the frame layer..

#5. Using your magic wand tool click on the inside of the frame... go to selections/modify/ expand 10 pixels/ INVERT

CUT on the paper layer.. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame layer.


#6. Use the settings below for the shadow on the frame layer.

#7. Open element 11.png (frame)  drag its layer over to your working image.

#8. Use your magic wand tool  (set on Add )  and click on the insides of the frame..

#9. Drag pp.1.jpg over to your working image underneath the tri frame.

Use your magic wand again and click on the inside of each of the round frames.. go to

selections/ modify/ expand 1 pixel... INVERT and CUT on the paper layer.

#10. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the tri frame same settings as the other frame.

Your image should look like the one below.


#11. Now you can start putting elements on your image

These are the ones I used:

Element 25.png  resize 55%

element 10.png  50%

element 12.png  60%  duplicate and mirror

element 20.png  resize 50%

element 28.png  resize 50%

element  27.png  resize 50%

element 22.png  resize 35%

element  23.png   resize 30%

element  7.png   resize 65%

element 1.png   60%  duplicated and mirrored

element  16.png  duplicated and mirrored  merge these two layers and sharpen once

Element  26.png  duplicate and merge both layers with the element 16 layer above

 here is how I placed all the layers. Don't forget to put your copy right info on your tag.



#12.  Now add a new layer and take it all the way to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white..

Merge the Mask layer and the white layer and HIDE

Merge the gold layers if you haven't before that's the elements 16 and 26  HIDE THE GOLD LAYER..

All the other layers that's showing should be all the TOP layers.. merge VISIBLE  on them

This is how your layer palette should look

#13. Duplicate the Gold netting layer 2 times so you have 3 layers of it..

apply noise effect to it.. top layer 30% noise, next one down.. 35% then lastly 40% noise

#14. Open your animation shop now... also open the Snow animation file .mng  that is in the supplies zip...notice it has 16 frames

in PSP have the top layers showing  , the first of the netting and stars layer showing.. the other two are hidden.

also show the bottom layer that the mask and white bkg... Right click on the top of the window.. and COPY MERGED

over to animation shop... right click on its desktop and paste as a new animation...

Back to PSP  hide the top of the gold netting layer that's showing.. and UN hide the next netting layer..

COPY MERGED AGAIN... and over to animation shop... paste behind current frame..

Over in PSP... hide that middle netting layer and UN hide the bottom netting layer.. COPY MERGED

over in animation shop.. paste behind current frame... you should have 3 frames to your new animation..

if you would remember.. the snow animation.. has 16 frames... select all on your new animation

and duplicate (hitting the duplicate button) till you have 16 frames.. if you push the button too much just delete the extra frames..

when you get 16 frames there in the new animation. check it to see if it looks ok... select all frames.. on that one and the snow

animation one... Drag F:1 of the snow animation over to F: 1 of the new animation your building.. Check your animation.. so see if it looks ok..

if so... SAVE AS a Gif... taaa daaa You're done!!!!

Toodles till next time