Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from a blogtrain..'Around the World

Direct download HERE

Artwork is from ŠPinup Toons  License # CDO-2339

Supplies  (animation & mask)

 First off let me state that the above tag that we're going to make I put on the brown paper background... you might want to put yours

on a white background.. I did this.. so that it would blend in with the page bkg..

When you make animated tags they always have to have some color background cause when you save it as a GIF on a transparent

background it shows the 3d drop shadows at harsh black lines.. which you don't want..

#1.Open sp 01.jpg paper.. resize 80%  Shift + D to duplicate the image.

close the original and use the copy for your working image.

Right click on the background layer on layer palette and promote background layer.

#2.  Go to Layers/ load/save mask/ load mask from disk.

Find the mask that was in the supplies zip on the drop down window.

Apply with these settings below.

Merge/ merge group

#3. Go to image/ canvas size  900 x 900 Center justify.

Open el17.png (heart ribbon frame)  resize 60%

Copy and paste the heart frame on top of the mask layer

go to Objects/ align/ center in canvas... duplicate the heart frame layer.

Now use your point to point selection tool  Where the lasso icon is.. click on freehand selection. .then

under selection type/  point to point / add  feather 1   smoothing 8

#4. Below is where I want you to select on the top layer of the heart frame.. with the point to point... start  at #1.

. follow the bows loop down to the bottom..  go down in front of bottom loop..  encompass the whole top part.. around to where you started..

when you get that part of the top heart frame selected hit DELETE...



#5.  this is what it looks like after you cut... take a look at my layer palette.. the  full frame layer is

below the cut off frame...

#6.  Open  el1.png (rose)  resize 25%

(FYI some of the elements have the same number.. cause from different designers on the blog train)

copy and paste the rose.. below the top copy of the ribbon heart.. that you cut off

#7. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the top ribbon frame..


#8. Open paper pp06.jpg (with the hearts)  resize 75%  copy and paste it over to your working image

under the bottom heart frame.

#9. Use your magic wand and click on  the center of the bottom heart ribbon frame

go to Selections/ modify/ expand 5 pixels..


#10. Apply the same 3d shadow on the bottom frame layer.

#11. Open element  32.png (paper green rose) resize 28%  copy over to working image.. for times sake.. when I say open

an element and resize.. its a given that you copy it over to your working image ok? lol

Open el (15)( brown leaves)  resize 33% ,colorize using these settings

Open el (2) (fern)  resize 80%  Use  Adjust/ brightness and contrast/Curves to darken

#10. Apply the 3D drop shadow on the fern layer.

#11. Open the tube your going to use.. and copy her to the working image. Put on the copyright info for the tube..

Open el11.png (hugs & kisses) resize 75%

Open el (6) (round Love tag) resize 40% sharpen once

Open el (8)( White rose)  resize resize 25%

Open el(13) (hearts  spray) resize  apply a inner bevel on the hearts

I erased the bottom upside down heart.. it looked odd :)

#12. Position the hearts layer below the flower layers.. so they won't be on top of the roses

Don't forget to apply a 3d Drop shadow on ALL of the elements.

open element string 02.png (red heart string) resize 35% move it to the top layer of the layer palette.

#13. Add a new layer.. move it to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white..

In my sample picture up at the top  of this page I filled the bkg layer not with white.. but the tan paper instead

 so that it would blend in to the page.. but you might want to use white..

On the last element you added the heart wire I erased the part of the wire so it would look like the wire goes through the hold on the round love tag.

#14. Here is what my image looks like.. I resized all layers at this point to 88%

 You can merge all the layers now.. Crop it to get all the extra white from around the edges

Note: don't crop so close that you cut off parts of the image.!!!


#15. Right click on top of the image.. and Copy (if you had left it in layers you would of had to  copy merge instead of copy)

  Open your animation shop and right click on its desktop and paste as a new animation..

#16. Open the heart circle animation that was in the supplies zip. Notice it has 30 frames..

Duplicate your new animation from PSP till it has 30 frames too.  If you click the duplicate frame button 6 times..

that will give you 33 frames.. just delete 3 of the frames so you end up with 30.

Ctrl + A to select all the frames in each of your animations there.. do it the same way you always do this part..

Click , hold mouse button down and drag F:1 of the Dk heart circle animation to F: 1 of your new animation from PSP

Drag it to the middle of the love tag.. and let go of mouse.. Check your animation to see if all is well..

if it is save as a GIF. DONE!!

Toodles till next time.

Below is the one on white that I made..