Scrap kit used for this tutorial is from Tiny Turtle Designs 'Aqua Winter'

art work of ŠAlex Prihodko is also used

Supplies ( animated Snow, Xtra Paper, Mask)

This tutorial was written with PSP X6 on Dec 14, 2016

I write my tutorials on the assumption that you are experienced in using PSP  BUT also

if you are a beginner to PSP my tutorials have al ot of images.. some people are visual learners.. it's much easier to learn with the captures :)


#1. Open element (6) (white window frame )  Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close the original.

The copy is now your working image.

Go to image/ canvas size  850 x850  center justify. Add a new layer below the frame layer. Select all

#2. Open paper (37)  Copy the paper.. on your working image paste into selection on that new layer.

Time to apply your mask that was in the supplies zip

#3. Merge/ merge group.

Use a 3d Drop shadow on the frame V=0  H =5 Opacity is 75  blur 10  color used is black

#4. Use this on all elements.. apply it to the frame.

#5. Open the XtraPaper.jpg that was in the supplies zip... resize it 75% C & P it over below the frame layer... cut off the bottom

part that hangs below the frame.

#6. Open element (48) (wreath)  C & P it over to your working image...placement is on the left side below the frame and scene paper.

Apply the shadow to it

#7. Open element (78) (holly) resize 75%  duplicate and mirror.

it might be necessary  to erase some of the leaves.

 # 8. Open element (63) (blue rose) resize 33%

Open element (61) (blue flower) resize  25%  Duplicate and resize another 80%

Sharpen both lil flowers.

# 9. Open element (84) (bow) resize 62%

Open element (26)  (pine cone) resize 30%  Duplicate, sharpen... use deformation tool to turn  both of the cones

open element (29) (dot spray)  resize 75%

Open element (94) (dangle)  resize 55%

#10. Open the tube you're going to use resize accordingly.

Add a new layer to your image and move it to the bottom... fill with white.

Open element (42) (winter word) resize 80% Sharpen

when you put it's shadow on it. use this color instead of black   #2c5459

#11. Lets  merge the layers now.. Merge all the bottom layers together.

j#12. Now the top layers merge. Don't forget the copyright info for the tube.. you can put it on

it's own layer and lower the opacity so it wont jump out at people :)

You can resize your image now... if you would like.. I resized all layers 88%

#13. Hide the top merged layers and just have the bottom merged layers showing... Right click on the image top and

COPY MERGED... open your animation shop now.. and right click on it's desk top and paste

as a new animation. Duplicate the one frame that's there till you have 3 frames

Open the 3 framed snow animation that was in the supplies zip.

Ctrl + A to select all frames on each of the animations

Click hold and drag F:1 of the snow animation over to F: 1 of your new animation.

Check the new animation to see if it looks ok.. now back to PSP and hide the bottom merged layers and UN hide the merged top layers

Right click and COPY MERGED.

Over in animation shop , right click on desk top and paste as a new animation.

duplicate that one layer till you have 3 , like in the new animation that you are building.

Select all frames and Click , hold down mouse and drag F:1 of the top ,merged layers over to F: 1 of the new

animation... be sure to line it  the frame good on that snow background.. so that it's not

off the edge too much...Check your animation to see if it looks ok... if all is well.. Save as a GIF


Toodles till next time girls