The scrapkit I used for this tutorial is Scrapity scraps and more'Friendship Aqua'... Her blog doesn't exist any more that I can find.

DOWNLOAD the scrapkit HERE

I used the artwork of Anna Ligwang. You must purchase and have license # to use


SUPPLIES  Mask and Greenery is in the zip

This tutorial is written in PSP X 6.


#1.File/New image 900 x 900.  Open AquaElement72.png frame Copy and paste it to your new image window.

Open AquaElement19.png Copy and paste it to the working image. Use the deformation tool to bring it in smaller, but not too small

Click on the frame layer with the magic wand and select the center of the frame...Selections/ Modify / Expand 8 pixels. INVERT

being on the beach layer click Delete.


#2. open AquaElement21.png copy and paste it to the working image.. it layer should be below

the frame and water layer. Use your magic wand tool and click on the middle of the frame layer again.

Selections/Modify/ Expand 8 pixels INVERT and make sure on the sand layer hit delete.

#3. Copy and paste your mermaid tube to the working image... I applied a 3D drop shadow using the settings below.

#4. Open AquaPaper20.jpg  paste over to the working image.. drag its layer to the bottom..

Apply the mask to the paper. Merge group... Start opening all the elements you want to put on this project.

 You can see in the captures below... where I placed the elements

#5. Now on the water layer duplicate it 3 times. Use your warp brush tool with the settings below.

#6. On each of the 3 water layers.. use the Warp Brush tool by pulling down a small amount on the first layer... on the

next pull down a lil bit more.. same on the 3rd water layer. Each one is changed to a small degree.. The trick to

using the warp brush is don't move things too much.. for one thing it will deform it too much and also make it blurry

#7. Open your animation shop , in PSP hide the bottom 2 water layers.. just have the top one showing

and all the other layers showing too. Right click on the top of window.. Copy Merged... over to animation shop

right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation... back to PSP.. hide the top water layer and un hide the 2nd one... Copy Merged

back in Animation shop and right click and paste behind current frame...

in PSP hide the middle water layer and un hide the bottom water layer.. Copy Merged

over in Animation Shop.. Paste behind current frame...

Ctrl + A to select all 3 frames... right click and change the speed of the animation to 50 instead of 10..

if it all looks ok.. SAVE AS A GIF.


Toodles till next time