This Tutorial is based on a tag that Crazy Carita did on her Blog This is my version of the tag..

Made from Crazy Carita's kit  ' Antique Silver'  She sells her kits at Barbara Jensen's store

Art is by ©Barabara Jensen 'Warm Fuzzies'

You must have a license to use Barbara Jensen tubes.

License # BJ351

DBV Mask_72 by VAYBS  Move to your Masks folder


Screenworks plugin is used in this tutorial

This tutorial was done in PSP X 7  & and  a basic knowledge of PSP helps.

#1. Open el2.png frame Shift + D to duplicate, close original.  Image/canvas size 900 x 900 center justify.

This is now your working image.

#2. Open paper pp6.jpg  copy and paste it over to your working image

#3. Using your magic wand (tolerance 20, 0 feather) and select inside the frame area..

Selections/ expand 8 pixels  Invert the selection.. on the layer palette select the paper layer, and click delete or cut.


Your image should look like below

#4. On the paper center... apply the plugins screenworks/ Boxed Dot/transparency 85%

#5. Add your Barbara Jensen tube now.. on one of the hair layers I desaturated  it so that it would just be greyscaled and

match better.

Reselect the inside of the frame and expand it by 8 pixels... invert and cut.. the extra on the tube.

Apply a drop shadow on the frame and the tube. V3 H3 black 10 blur  7   60%

 #6. Open paper pp4.jpg Copy and paste it over to your working image.. move its layer to the bottom of the layer palette.

apply your DVB Mask72 using these settings below... Merge/ Merge group..

#7. Duplicate the mask layer 2 times.. so you would have 3 mask layers merge them all together.


#8. Open element el14.png  duplicate the layer  (mirror) and position like it shows below.


#9. This placement of the other elements









#10. Open the mesh that's in the supplies zip  I duplicated it 3 times  so I had 4 layers of it.. positioned it like below.

#11. Merge all the mesh layers


#12. Duplicate the mesh layer 2 times.. you should have 3 layers of mesh now. Look below at my layers

(note:  I put a grey color on the bkg of the image...I wanted it to blend on my tutorial page.. you might want to put white.. or black)

#13. Apply the Noise effect on all 3 of the mesh layers

Starting at 15%, 17% 19%

#14.hide the bottom 2 layers of  mesh noise  Right click on the top of the image window and COPY MERGED

#15. Open your animation shop

Right click and paste as a new animation.  back to PSP and hide the top of the mesh noise layers and UN hide the 2nd one.. right click

on top of window.. COPY MERGED  over to animation shop  paste after current frame

over to PSP  hide the 2nd Mesh noise layer and UN hide the bottom Mesh noise layer... right click on the image window.. COPY MERGED

over to Animation shop and paste behind current frame...

You should have 3 frames to your new animation... Check the animation to see it its right..

You need to resize the animation now... go to Animation up at the top..

Or whatever size you want yours.. Save as a GIF

Your done!!

Toodles till next time