kit used for this tutorial is by Crazy Carita..'A Love That Lasts'

artwork by ęBarbara Jensen  my license # to use is BJ-3511

Supplies (mask ,Word text  & heart animation)

#1. Open Frame el15.png  Shift + D to duplicate the window, close original

 resize 75% go to Image/ canvas size  900 x 900 center justify

Copy and paste pp1.jpg paper over to your working image..

#2.  Layers/ load/save mask/ load from disk.. find the WSL_Mask253 on the preview window.

Use the setttings below.. Merge/ merge group.

#3. Using the deform tool pull out the edges of the mask to make a lil bit bigger.. don't go over the edges

of the image though.

#4. Add a new layer and drag to the bottom of the layer palette.. and fill with white

#5. Open pp3.jpg Copy and paste it over to your working image. .drag its layer below the frame layer.

Use the deformation tool to bring in the edges of the paper to just larger than the frame hole.

#6. Use your magic wand tool and click on the inside of the frame...Selections/ modify/ expand 10 pixels

INVERT and cut on the pp3.jpg's layer.

#7. INVERT and cut on the pp3.jpg's layer.  Your image should look like the one below

#8. Open up the tube your going to use.. resize 90% if you use the same one as myself.

 Copy and paste it over to your working image. Apply a 3D drop shadow to her.. make sure the shadow is

on its own layer... so you can erase part of the shadow that the arrows is pointing to.

#9. Open el6.png resize 83%  duplicate and mirror . Position like it shows below

#10. BTW.. use the same 3D shadow setting for all elements V & H 3  62% opacity 9 blur, black

#11. Merge down on the  oval frame and its green bkg paper. That way you can move it around if you need too

without too much hassle.

Open el8.png resize 50% duplicate and mirror.

Open el16.png resize 65% use deformation tool to turn it slightly to the left. Sharpen. Its layer will be above the frame layer.

Open el1.png resize 65% Have its layer below the frame layer.. turn it to the left also.. Shapen Onced!

#12. Open el13.png resize 45%  duplicate and mirror

Open el7.png copy and paste it over to your working image. Use the deformation tool to turn it to the right.

Position it where you can see the Valentine Greeting words and I love you on the envelope.

#13. Open el2.png resize 60%

el5.png resize 60%

Open el11 resize 75%

el18.png  resize 37% duplicate and resize the duplicated one 75%

Duplicate each of the bubbles again and see below for the placement..

You might have to move your mask layer a lil to the right and up... be careful not to get

it too close to the edges where it is cut off..

#14. Tweak your positions on everything till you like your image.

Open the 'A Love that Lasts' text file.. resize it to what ever size you want.. I think I resized mine

15%.. You can judge.

Hide the mask and white bkg layer on the bottom.. Merge all the top layers.. don't forget your

copyright info for your tube.

#15. Duplicate the mask layer 2 times so that you have 3 layers of it.

Your layer palette should look like below.

On each of the mask layers apply noise effect

#16. Using these settings  20% on the top mask layer  24% on the next one down

then 29% on the bottom one


#17. Now hide the middle and bottom of the mask layers.. have all the other layers showing like it shows below..

Right click on the top of the image and  COPY MERGE...

Open your animation shop and paste as a new animation on its desktop

#18. Now hide the top mask layer and UN hide the middle mask layer.. have  the top merged layers and the white bkg

layer showing too. Do the same thing COPY MERGE.. over to animation shop and paste

behind current frame..

#19. Back to PSP and hide the top and middle mask layers and just have the bottom mask layer showing

along with the merged top layers and white bkg layer.. COPY MERGE

#20. OVER  to animation shop and right click on the 2nd frame and paste behind current frame

Ctrl + A to select all 3 of your frames.. Open the MNG file that was in the supplies zip

Notice the heart animation has 15 frames to it.. and your new animation is 3 frames?  duplicate the 3 frames till you have 15 frames.. ok?

This you have done million times :) on the heart animation... drag F: 1 over to F: 1 of your new animation.. click hold and drag

not letting go of the mouse till you place the animation where you want it..

Check your new animation.. if all looks well.. you can resize it... which I do.. by going up to animation/ resize

86% is what size I make mine... Save As a GIF

You're done!

Toodles till next time